Friday, October 08, 2010

You can do hard things!!!

A very good friend of mine sent this to me today and it seems like something most all us should read. What hard things in your life are you holding back attempting or going after?

In life, we are often faced with challenges and opportunities that are difficult and often seem impossible. However, our potential and capacity is amazing. Many times we underestimate or do not realize what we can do. Many times we put self-imposed limits on ourselves and fail to venture to the unknown or dare to do the impossible.

Whether it's fear, a lack of confidence, complacency, or other reasons, we often hold back and do not push ourselves. For some reason, somewhere along our life journey, we begin to believe we cannot do hard things. You can do hard things. We can do things that are beyond our own wildest imaginations if we allow ourselves to believe and try.

So what rewards are we missing because we are unwilling to do hard things? And why do we deny ourselves of the incredible sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from achieving difficult tasks? Our potential is great and each of us has the capacity to do great things. Let's stop holding back and start believing that we can do hard things!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog post. It means a lot.

Anonymous said...

There is person that i care about deeply and likely always will. I hope that somehow she gets this message...good stuff!

Thomas Bussiere said...

You are always most inspiring. Thanks Lisa, and we look forward to your positive messages.

Patrick de Albuquerque said...

Enjoyed your blog!!! :)