Friday, April 23, 2010


M here with RHTA updates.

Lisa is beginning to understand a little just why Naomi Campbell hurls cell phones at people. Media attention is wonderful, but it's exhausting. Granted, it's more exhausting after running 200 miles than it is after getting a facial, but you get the point.


Central Park Reservoir winds up being perfect, except for the crowds. I live in NYC, so I'm used to it. But Lisa lives in Driggs, where there are more elk than humans and the only traffic jams are caused by stoned-looking bison. So Lisa was a little more than unused to folks checking their blackberries as they run. Apparently bison are late coming to mobile technology.

Personal Motivation Coach Connie Carpenter came on board and kept Lisa going when she was at her most vulnerable. Lisa appreciates real friends as opposed to all those groupies and hangers on.
Speaking of groupies, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America came by hoping Lisa might let her run with her. Lisa graciously let her do a few laps.

And as bothersome as the papparazzi and groupies are, being famous means celebrity treatment and that is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks to Connie & John, Lisa gets picked up in NYC by a stretch limo that makes that one you rented for the prom seem like a Pinto.
Ashley and Mike Smith live the movie star life by driving the RV from Jersey.

Meanwhile, super-star Sister Mary Beth is being feted in New Jersey as she accepts a "Women of Achievement" award from the Girl Scouts of New Jersey.

Limo pulls into Lisa's friend Juan's driveway where she is ushered to an ice bath (Naomi doesn't do those) with a glass of white wine. Meanwhile, Ashley and Mike are in the RV somewhere near Toledo, Ohio.

After the bath and wine, Lisa slips under a down comforter and drifts off to slumberland. Eight hours later, Ashley & Mike pull into the driveway.
They sleep in the RV. Not being famous stinks.

Yeah, Lisa's got a pretty chushy life right now. Except for that 2,500 mile thing.


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Anonymous said...

What an exciting time! I bet that people are so eager to be a part of such a positive, wonderful project. That is awesome. Lisa does have a magnetic personality! Who can resist Lisa and SMB?
What an amazing adventure you are all on. I (type 1 Driggs groupie :) ) would love to see the scene you are living in. Yes, different than Driggs!'s not the buffalo we fear, it's the Moose, wild cats and Bear! Luckily we carry our iphones as personal protective devices!

I can't wait to see you all in Montana, Idaho and WY!
Tammy Brown

ps...Is Lisa finding any money while she walks? We are looking, up to about 90cents!