Wednesday, April 28, 2010

400 Miles down!

Lisa has 400 miles down! Go Lisa! She ran the last 50 in the cold and snow up in Pittsfield, Vermont. We are now on our way to State College, Pennsylvania (where it's supposed to be warmer and sunny...what a difference!). Our time in Vermont was at Amee Farm and the Desena's took such good care of us! Courtney Desena housed us in a BEAUTIFUL guest house at her home and cooked a delicious meal for Lisa and the crew. What a treat it was to stay with them. Lisa had a massage this morning and feels SO much better. We are incredibly thankful for all the help we have been getting. I continue to say that but we are just so grateful! Below is a picture Lisa took on her run yesterday in Pittsfield.


Kay said...

Hi Lisa,

Just checking in to say hello and that I am thinking of you everyday. You'll do 50 miles and I'm just trying to motivate myself to do my little workout. Be well.

And hello to Marianne! So glad you got to meet Michael.

Lisa B said...

What a fantastic adventure, Lisa. You are doing so well. Steady and sure she goes!! On on. Hugs.

Meredith said...

you are doing great! lots of good weather today for you in DE! Wish I were not at work and running with you!

miss ya!