Sunday, July 05, 2009

Will you help Brian's dream come true? It is free and takes a moment of your time!

Dear Friends,

Please take a minute to check out Brian’s website. He is the 11 yr. old son of a friend of mine and suffered severe brain injury, resulting from cardiac arrest he experienced while riding his bike. He passed out, fell and hit his head on the street. He was in coma for very long time and awakened with permanent brain damage, which causes severe functional disability.
He has recently learned to use a computer and on his own developed the website linked below!! He is trying to raise money for the hospital that saved his life and has decided to start a business as a “dog sitter” in his area. His website has a guest sign in book that he loves to check and read the comments people are leaving for him. Please help make his website a success that he can be proud of by clicking on “price” and then “sign in”. It will cost nothing other than a minute of your time and you will really be helping to brighten the day of a remarkable boy with a small dream and a big goal.
And if you have a dog, send him a photo at He is trying to develop a page that will allow him to post your dog’s picture on his site.
** If you can, forward this message and his website to anyone you know with a dog. It would be really great to allow Brian’s site to travel the world and allow him to get guest from far off places. Together, we can help make Brian’s small dream bigger than he ever imagined!

Thank you,

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