Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just because we get older does not mean we have to stop!!!

Look at these beautiful people!:)
Ron and Margie both in there 70's and both going strong. Ron came to a Dreamchaser camp in June of this year just for a day with his son Mike.
Ron has run all of his life but in the past 8-10 years has had so much pain in his back, hips, knees that he gave up running. We did a gait analysis on Ron, brought him to core and stretch class and gave him some things to work on. 7 weeks ago Ron had given up running. Last night he did 10x200s at our track workout. This Sat. he is running a half marathon. He is standing up straight and he is out of pain. Ron just turned 73!!! We are so thrilled for Ron. Magie is his #1 support system and loves to walk and just beams at Ron while he is running.:)

Andy and Marie Boyd! Most of you who are reading this blog may know who they are!
Marie is the race director of the Bishop High races which are in May. They have a 20 mile, 50 mile and a 100k. What amazing events! Andy Boyd has been out of running for over 1.5 years. A long struggle with PF that left him in so much pain he could not run at all. Andy spent 1.5 years trying to find the right magic to heal his PF so that he could run again...guess what? He did.
Just 2 weeks ago Andy ran the Tahoe Rim 100 see the medal around his neck..well he has a belt buckle to go with it! Andy is on his way back here to the Tetons for his 2ND camp.
Andy is over 70 years young as well:) What can we say about his bride Marie who won't let me tell you her age:) Marie is training to win her age group at the National 24 hour championships and I have a strong feeling she will do just that.
So you see...we get better as we get older! We can still do all we love to do if we find a way or make one!
Happy training


Anonymous said...

I love it - so inspiring to me!



Anonymous said...

I love Marie and Andy. They have such a great race to.
They look far to young and get younger by the year.


Anonymous said...

I'm the "son Mike" who was in Lisa's June camp, where my father Ron met Lisa. What she doesn't mention is that he is one of my inspirations to try running for the first time a few years ago (in my mid-40's). And the time I spent in Teton Valley (where my father grew up) years ago was a big factor in wanting to attend the Dreamchasers camp. So I'm really happy to hear my father is back in the game.

Thanks, Lisa (and Jay)!

Tom Sperduto said...

Inspirational! Such lovely stories to wake up to and begin the day inspired.

Chris Roman said...

Awesome Lisa, keep inspiring!

Joe said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

You don't stop running when you get old, you get old when you stop running! - Jack Kirk (The Dipsea Demon)

Anonymous said...

What did he do to resovle the PF issue.......stew

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics,Marie and Andy are such wonderful people.