Sunday, July 12, 2009

Badwater 2009

Hi everyone! This is Annemarie. I'm going to keep in touch with Lisa and keep you up to date on Terry's big adventure. I just got to talk to Lisa and everyone is doing great! Terry has a 6 am start. It's a balmy 122 degrees right now and they expect the race temperature to stay at about 125 - just the way an extreme ultra-marathoner likes it! If you're going to run the hottest footrace in the world, it better be hot, hot, hot! Direct from Lisa: "Terry is doing great! His sons are wonderful young men...our crew is simply awesome, low stress and simple..
Sister Marybeth is having a great time, the money is coming in, people are donating.
pray for all of us...."
This photo is Terry and Sister Marybeth at the Vegas airport - the beginning of the journey. Good caffeine strategy, Terry. I like your style.


Chris Roman said...

Beautiful, go for it!!!!

Tess said...

Great! I'm looking forward to your updates on Terry and the crew!

M said...

can't wait for photos!

Vanessa and Scott said...

Photos!! We can't wait!

Bob and Susan said...

Eagerly awaiting the next report. I'm also following the official Badwater Twitter account. Go Terry & crew!

Becky said...

Go Terry!!! And what an incredible crew! Can't wait for the updates.

Here's the heat that we missed at MDS this year. wow! :)

Anton Clarke said...

Great effort to get to Badwater - good luck and a great charity - look forward to following your progress on the race web site, you may wish for some of that rain we had in the MDS - Regards - Anton Clarke - Australia.

Tess said...

How is Terry feeling? He is looking awesome on the results: 23:51 after 90 miles!!!
Can't wait to see photos!
Go Terry go!!!