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At the August 2009 Dreamchaser camp in the Tetons, we are proud to announce that Lisa will be joined by Andy Jones-Wilkins. Lisa and Andy will offer their collective expertise. Interested in coming to this camp? E-mail Lisa at with the subject 'August Camp' and we will reply with more camp details.

See you in AUGUST!!!

Andy Jones-Wilkins began his ultramarathon running career after discovering the rugged, mountainous trails of Arizona in 1996. Upon moving to Northern California in 2001 he began participating in 100-mile races that he soon discovered to be his strongest distance. The trails of Northern California proved to be quite good to Andy as he has steadily made his way into the elite level of 100-mile trail races over the past five years.

Currently living in the mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho Andy has now discovered the value of high altitude mountain training that he hopes will continue to propel his running career upward. He has a particular love for remote, high mountain, technical trails.

Andy is a married father of three children. His wife Shelly and his three sons (Carson, Logan, and Tully) are his biggest supporters and crew for him at every 100-mile race he runs.

Andy’s remarkable running career has been documented in regional and national publications. Among them are Running Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Trail Runner, Ultrarunning, The Oakland Tribune, The Idaho Mountain Express and The Auburn Journal. Additionally, in July, 2007 Andy was featured prominently on NBC Television’s Jeep World of Adventure Sports’ coverage of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and in 2008 on PLUM TV’s feature story on endurance athletes of the mountain west.

Andy’s personal records include:

Marathon - 2:38
50 km- 3:31
50 Mile - 6:55
100 km - 9:10
100 Mile - 14:57

Come meet Andy at camp or say hello to him this summer when he competes in these races: Western States 100 Mile, Hardrock 100 Mile, Leadville Trail 100 Mile, and the Javelina Jundred.

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