Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have you ever been depressed?

Hi all!!!

Most of you know that I have suffered depression and at one time is was very bad.
At the moment I am still on a small dose of an anti depressant drug and as far as I am concerned I am just fine to stay on it for the rest of my life.
Depression comes in many is a disease like many other diseases and it should be treated like all other diseases. Like any disease depression can and needs to be treated and there are many different ways to treat it. We are all so unique and different with every aspect of our life.
Why do I ask you if you have ever been depressed? Please read this letter below and if you feel the love act on it today. Post this post to your own blog so that we can all be part of helping as many people as we can!
I am not scared to tell the World about depression, at one time in my life I was. It was shameful and embarrassing. The truth be told I could not believe that I was or could be depressed until I learned all about the disease!
This month on the cover of the Runner's World Australia the article that was in USA Runner's World, 2006 was published. Needless to say I have been flooded with emails about depression and people thanking me for sharing my story. When the 2006 article came out I was devastated in many ways but in the end I saw that Gods plan was that I did share my story for it seems to have helped a great deal of people all over the World.
Will you share your story with us on my blog? Will you pass this blog post to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on. You don't have to leave your can make a difference sharing your own story!

Here is the link to the Runner's World article:

And now here is a letter from Kathryn: Please help make a difference and vote!

To all who read Lisa's blog:

Lisa contacted me a few years back offering to help. I could not understand why. She was so athletic, beautiful. A hard worker. A mom. Juggler. Could run marathons. Do things I only wished and dreamed I could do.

But then I guess people would say the same about me. I run a company. Have a nonprofit. A graduate degree in business. Have traveled the world.

You see, it strikes anyone. Just like cancer. diabetes. heart disease.

It is a disease called depression. a disease of the brain. A disease that strikes over 140 million of us worldwide. A treatable disease.

Many people are afraid of depression. But there is nothing to be afraid of, just a lot of unknown, a lot to learn. and we are always afraid of the unknown.

depression is a pain unseen. Like a cut, but on the inside. Just because you can't see it, does not mean it is not there.

I realized that even though i say that i carry no stigmas for depression, i still do. Because i had that first thought of Lisa. That gut reaction. And I am pretty progressive in my thinking on depression. I run a nonprofit for depression.

We need to change that stigma so that people get help. So that the Lisa's and the me's of the world get treatment. So we can run our marathons. Start our companies. Are able to shine. Less than 25% of people with depression are getting treatment - and 80% of depression is treatable.

I need your votes - it could bring $1.5 million in funding for depression survivors.

Tell anyone and everyone you know. Share the video. Learn about the disease. And thank you.

To nominate us this round, go to:

sign in, and nominate project: KDL6WW
Project name: Defying Depression, aLive, iThrive

Feel free to post comments on how Lisa has inspired you!!!

You can visit for more information on the disease.

Thank you. You can make a difference.


Anonymous said...


I had never read the article in RW. It is a very good one I must say. Good going to spread yourself to other people. It will sure help, helped me.
I am going to vote for this cause. Depression hits me a few times a year and I try to live through it. Perhaps I can find a better way.

Anonymous said...

Super post Lisa.
You have my vote. Depression has been in my family for as long as anyone can remember. I was not going to be depressed, it was not a choice, it happened and it almost destroyed my family, my job, my life. This is not something to take for granted,it is to be dealt with as if you were running for you're life.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I agree, what an article. I did not know you in 2006 so I had no idea about the depression you have endured. Running saved my life to. I might be slow but like you always tell me, go slow to go fast.
Your voice sticks with me all the time and now knowing this about you my admiration about you has grown double.

One of your best fans


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thank you guys and gals....

Ok..all of you do me a favor on this one..please leave a comment and not send me emails...the information to vote is on this blog post and there is only 10 more

days to vote...

All of your stories are so worth sharing and I thank you

I am off for a 6 hour ride..wish me luck..sunny and beautiful and very little wind today..


Becky said...

Wow - thank you for sharing all of this!! aLive, iThrive has my vote and I'll pass this on.

Marathoner in Training said...

Thank you for posting this. As a runner and soon to be ultrarunner, I also take medication for depression. I always thought it was something personal and have not shared it with anyone outside my wife and family. You have opened my eyes as to how many people are effected by this disease. Thank you.

jenhirr said...

Just wanted to let you know I read your original article, read your post, and voted for the project. I am just four years out from the devastating suicide of my father, a man who was very confused about depression and could not admit or treat himself for his disease. He is my inspiration and was my education for all that I know about running. I hope to not only inspire people through my exercise but also let people know that many things can be overcome. We are never alone in what we suffer. Obviously, there is much more to my story but I wanted you to know that yours has impacted me. Thank you. Oh, BTW. It was good to see you at the RUSH. I recovered from my bee sting and had a great day.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said... great to read some other stories! Thank you for your emails and blog posts..keep them coming..keep passing this one on so we can get others to vote!
Jen...Great job on your 1st Olympic amazing you did!
I hope you read this because I would love to email you..I don't have your email address!!!
I am so sorry about the loss of your father, so sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog recently and signed up for your newsletter. yes, I deal with depression and have found this blog very helpful for building self esteem, and I have started a blog for me which is helpful, and I struggle with tiny bits of depression every day. I am definitely voting for this and hope to live in the mountains some day as well!!! Reading your blog is very motivational for me to show me that thriving is possible even with depression....