Tuesday, July 15, 2008


LIVE UPDATE! Terry Madl called from the road to let us know that Lisa has come about 83 miles so far.

She and the crew went pretty much right through the night. Lisa got about 90 minutes of rest at 2:00 AM after her stomach started bothering her; apparently some cashews, which she is allergic to, found their way into her system. Update: Jay informs me that Lisa is not allergic to cashews and is in fact quite fond of them. Perhaps Terry said she had swallowed some "cat's shoes" and I mis-heard.

So for the past six hours her stomach has been a consistent problem, but she keeps going, with Sister Marybeth constantly at her side.

"Sister Marybeth is terrific" Terry said. "She'll take long turns out on the road and it does Lisa just a world of good."

Both Terry and Lisa also contribute the "re-opening" of the course to Sister Marybeth's crewing. According to Terry, "There were severe thunderstorms, they were going to close the route because of flooding... And then Sister said a little prayer - and bang!! We're back on course! It was incredible!"

So basically, Lisa is in pretty good hands. Above is a photo courtesy of Leigh Corbin, of Lisa coming into Panamint along side of George Velasco. And as anyone who has ever run with George knows-- when you're with running with George, you're running with someone who cares. George Velasco will give you the shirt off his back, followed by his socks, his shoes, the last of his water and a vital organ should you need it, and he'll do it while telling you a story about the Army Days just to keep you distracted. You would have to try really, really hard to feel bad in George's company.

It's 7:00 AM in the photo, which means they're hitting Panamint still ahead of schedule.

More details (and photos) to come.


Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

GO Lisa GOOOOO your doing SO awesome and way to keep going through ur stomach issues...Great job to the Crew & pacers also !!


Anonymous said...

as a fellow food allergy suffer, I send extra good vibes to you today
wow, can't believe how you keep going!

Matt Hart said...

my goodness lisa! you are rockin'. i can't believe you ran to the start of the race from las vegas and are running so strong!

keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa you are a legend! Mark Caldecourt (UK)

Anonymous said...

Your persistence, spirit and determination is such an inspiration. One step at a time for the AIDS Orphans!
Love ya!
Ed Kelly

Lora said...

On your blog, they posted a pic of you and Sister Marybeth--the back of you two--walking down the road towards the mountains. It's a powerful photo--two amazing women walking powerfully with a purpose.

Walk on Ladies!! We're all behind you in our souls!

Kay said...

Thank you so much for the updates. You are a constant source of inspiration and admiration. To do all of this and to do it for a great cause - awesome doesn't even begin to describe it!

Anonymous said...

Watching you is like a reality show - hey this is a reality show! Lisa you are amazing. And Sister Mary Beth is my hero too - she says prayers for many but it is a single prayer you asked her to say for me two years ago that has changed my life and yes, my mom is still alive and doing well! So ladies, make it happen!!!!!! You are here for a reason!!!!! Every step is a gift to these kids! Love ya, Gayle

Runner Tammy said...


Keep up the great work! You are an amazing athlete and an inspiration. The way you are powering through Badwater is tremendous feat.

Stay strong!