Sunday, July 13, 2008

LISA 810 - stage one is finished!

After an incredible journey, crew leader Leigh Corbin had enough energy left to give us a full update.

"I am sitting in the crew van and it is almost 10 at night trying to get a signal. I am unable to get many pictures out becuse the signal is so weak. I happen to be listening to the rain pour down right now as I write.

Lisa is doing great. We finished stage one at 1:18 AM this morning. It was the first real night's sleep that we have had since we begun. My cell phone is no longer working so I can not send pictures that way.

Things were tough for Lisa as you would expect. Suffering is part of what Lisa does, and she dose it well. You would be hard pressed to find a woman as kind as Lisa. Even when in pain and struggling, she is always thinking of those around her. She is kind to everyone, even at 2 AM.

Lisa has handled herself like the pro that she is. Strong beyond words. She says that she would not have made it if it had not been for Sister Mary Beth.

Lisa has had some strange challenges while out on the course. One night she was attacked by a bat that had gotten caught in her hair. Last night just as the sun was getting ready to set, she was having hallucinations and thought she saw Indians climbing the mountains with no robes. This sent her into a silly spell and she did not even realize that the crew had put her feet into an icey water bath to cool them off and help to reduce the swelling. This is always painful but was done before she even realized it.

She has absolutely enjoyed the route that had been created for her to run. It was very scenic and beautiful. Early this morning as she touched the Badwater plaque where the race will start on Monday morning; she had great relief. She had done it and with few problems physically.

Her feet are in great shape and her stomach held out till the end where it started to give her a hint of a problem. She feels very determined and knows that many prayers will get her through, that and having Sister Mary Beth by her side. That is an amazing duo! Here is a picture of Lisa at the finish."

Thanks Leigh! Tonight I'll be posting a photo gallery of shots Leigh has sent me on the "updates" page of -- check it out!


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!!! We're cheering out here!! High five :)

Now to start watching the BW webcast!


xoxoxo Kira

Christopher said...


Step one, way to go!!! That's one more feat of incredible inspiration that you've provided myself and sooo many others. I thought it was uncomfortably hot walking a few blocks to the office while you're off traipsing through the desert having a good ol' time. Unbelievable.

Now, some rest and a couple of Bella's frog jumps to loosen things up and you'll be ready to streak across the valley like you've been shot out of a cannon!!!

Great work so far and good luck with the next round!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy,

I am going to draw you a picture of a bat. Hopefully she won't fly into your hair!

Love, Bella

Bob Gentile said...
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Bob Gentile said...

So Awesome Lisa, Way to "Bat"tle on :-) you know I had to throw in a little bat humor...

Hey Bella started the bat jokes :-)

not like you don't have enough to worry about, you have to dodge "Bats"...geesh! Didn't ur crew apply any Bat repellent?


Congrats on Stage One Lisa, Glad overall your doing well...Keep it going we are all cheering for you!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Lisa and crew!! I have been thinking about you all weekend. I'm glad you are well! Maybe the Indians will get dressed for the start tomorrow. Great job!!


M said...

I PAID THOSE STRIPPERS GOOD MONEY TO PERFORM OUT THERE IN THE MOUNTAINS, and now Leigh is going around telling everyone it was a "hallucination."

Please-- is that $3,000 charge on my credit card bill from a hallucination too? I don't think so.

Hey Lisa-- When you get to Keeler and see the Tibetan Monks flashing you, don't let Leigh tell you otherwise. Those guys are real, honey.

Go get 'em tiger,

Anonymous said...

Bats and indians, that's nothing compared to the hallucinations we had in highschool that guys actually wanted to be our are amazing! keep going kiddo!!!gayle

Becky said...

Great job Lisa!! Hope the bats stay away but maybe the Indians are a good distraction. :-) lol

You know that your mind is your most powerful tool ... think cool thoughts and stay on that white line! I'll be following your progress at BW!

olga said...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lisa and Crew!!
It's 7:15 - less than 3 hours before start time. I hope all the rain subsides so you are left with lower temperatures and no smoke!! I can't wait for updates. Sending positive thoughts...
Leslie C.

Andrea Lynn Sloan said...

you never cease to amaze!
looking forward to tracking the next stage of your inspiring journey!
wishing happy trails & even happier feet...Andrea

Anonymous said...

"The good we do today becomes the happiness of tomorrow."
-William James

Keep on being strong, you are doing great!!!


Anonymous said...

Sending my love and thoughts! I am thinking of you and praying for for a safe journey!
Sandy P.

Jeff Grant said...

I'm so proud of you coach! Congrats on stage 1! Much success for your continuing journey!!!!