Monday, July 14, 2008

Bob & Lisa: In the Valley and on the Mountain

It wasn't long ago -- in fact, less than three weeks -- that Bob Becker, race director of the Keys 100, as well good friend and coaching student of Lisa's, stood by Lisa's side at the top of the Tetons surrounded by snow and clouds and talked about how much he was looking forward to his first Badwater Ultramarathon.

It was at the Dreamchasers Grand Tetons Camp, and I was in desperate need of distracting Bob & Lisa with some sort of activity. Should 3 minutes go by with their heart rate anywhere near the normal range, the two of them would suddenly break out into spontaneous circuit-training routines. They couldn't help it.

As I needed time to finish looking for the lung I had apparently left out on the trail somewhere, I asked Bob and Lisa both how they felt about the upcoming Badwater race. Happily, this distracted them from exercise for about 40 seconds.

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