Sunday, April 20, 2008

Watch and Listen to Two Mikes!

We have so many Mikes in our lives – we are blessed - here’s a little update about two of them!

MIKE SILTMAN: Last weekend, Mike Siltman finished the 150-mile McNaughton Park Trail Run. Watch this little video – it’s beautiful...his grit, determination, family love and support is what it is all about! Great going Mike!

So…do you want to know what it looks like to cross the finish line of a 150 mile non-stop ultramarathon? Click

MIKE WARDIAN: Mike was interviewed for . I love the intro that offers to the interview they recorded with Mike:
Can you run two marathons in one weekend and finish in the top-3 in both? Can you win the national 50k championship and the national 100k championship in the same year? 34-year-old Michael Wardian can answer "yes" to all the above. Today on Endurance Planet we hear from Wardian about his training and we learn how fast a baby jogger can go.

Listen to the interview with Mike


Anonymous said...

Nice going to the 2 Mikes.
Keep up the continued efforts.


Meredith said...

I love the finish line video! he is moving better after 150 than some people after 50 or 100 miles. As far as the other Mike, he is speedy gonzales!

Kay said...

Congratulations to the two Mikes. Wonderfully inspirational!


Anonymous said...

Way to go to both of you!!! Big smile--you rock :) Kira

M said...

OH MY ****ING GOD. HOLY ******* ****. 150 Non-stop ****** miles! I can't ******* believe it! You are a ******** bad-***!

Why isn't anyone bringing you a chair and a beer at the finish line, though???

Lisa B said...

Oh, i just LOVE finish line videos! Gosh, I can't help but get emotional and inspired. Fantastic job, Mike S. Looking forward to listening to Mike W's interview now...

Thanks for spreading the joy, Lisa.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

And guess what? just 1 week after winning the 100k Mike Wardian ran a 2:25 Boston marathon!

Amazing, so many wonderful people.