Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Long Day at the Marathon des Sables

The long day at the Marathon des Sables this year was 47 miles with some good dunes.

Jay sent me an update and said it was not very hot for the run which was nice. He said say there was a very big sand storm the night before which did not help with getting much sleep. Jay was happy to report everyone in his tent was feeling and doing really well!!!

I love the long day of this race, I love running long distances anywhere :) It is amazing for me to sit here and watch the race from a computer but also following some of the same women running 9 years later since I won the race and they are still running in the top! I have to say it is very motivating for me and I long to go back and run to see how well I could do just on guts and experience:)

The year I won the race I worked so hard on the long day, it was 52 miles and I came in under 10 hours. It was big dunes all day and very hot. I ran this day full of joy and worked it harder than I have ever worked, just because this is what I wanted to do!!! Once I crossed the finish line of the long day I could not have run another step. I stayed at the finish line in the medical tent for 4 hours just trying to rest and keep it together. If I had gotten an IV or taken extra water I would have gotten a 1 hour penalty and this would have put me in 2nd place. It is amazing what one full day of recovery can do for you!

Many of runners are all resting today after the long day but some are still on the course and will be for several more hours! Today runners will try to sleep, eat, hydrate, clean clothing and stay out of the sun. This is such an amazing day to just reflect on many things in life and how far you have already come! It is rare that one would not finish the race if they have made it through the long day. The marathon is on Friday, this is where those who have any speed will move up in position. Sat. is the glorious run to the finish line. Even tired and beaten it is amazing the energy that one can draw into. You see we all have deep wells of strength in us that we have never tapped into. This is one race that will tape into that and you will always know that it is there!

I am such a proud mother duck of all of the Dreamchasers, it is impossible for me to write to you about all of them but I can tell you this that they are all such an inspiration to me for where they stand right now and this very moment in time.

Ted Archer is 16th overall...this morning it looked like 14th. Ted is fast as lighting so he could move up to the top 10-12 or stay right around where he is. This is truly amazing that he is where he is today with only just starting to learn about this sport!

Jeff Grant is 45th overall today and I have to tell you this brought tears to my eyes when I woke up this morning and saw how well his long day was.

Morgan Murri is 51st overall and running like a machine!

Our Jay Batchen is 135th over and 4th American. I can tell you on the little to NO training he has done this winter I am more than impressed and the fact he is in charge of 80 people!

These are some of the top 24 women...4 whom I have with in past MDS races:)

Simone Kayser! She is in 2nd place right now and is going on 55 years old. The year I won she was 3rd..she is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and such a champion! Our Chloe!!! She is running in 7th place right now and has had such a fantastic race.

Isabella is running in 9th place and looking like she may move up because she is fast:)

Our Laurie is running very well and moved up a great deal in the long stage..she is running in 13th place right now..can she crack top 10??:)

Our Michele Jensen is in 24th place right now…she is fast and I know she will draw on all the mile repeats she has done on the next 2 stages:)

Lara and Elizabeth (the Twins)...I am SOOOO impressed with these women. They have never done a 5k or even a 10k..but they walked a 50 mile and they are walking the MDS and they are rocking the course all the way to the finish line.

I could go on and on about all of the Dreamchasers, but just know that they are all doing very well even if there are not in the top. This race is not about who comes in first or last…it is about the journey and what you bring home with you. It is about self discovery. It is about attempting the absurd and accomplishing what most feel to be impossible. Nothing is impossible.

I really feel all of those who are out there all day and come in well behind the leaders are so amazing. They have endured the harsh elements so much longer! "FIND A DREAM AND CHASE IT DOWN" Wow...I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity to part of this with so many.



olga said...

Way to go, Dreamchasers!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, this is all so amazing to me. Lisa how did you ever win this race? I know you are a stud but winning it is tough as nails.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...


Please send Jay and the rest my very best. It is so hard to not be running this year. Next year.
Kiss the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa- how exciting to hear that many of the dreamchasers are doing so well! I know you are very proud- and you should be! What an amazing race in an amazing place.
Peggys sister.

Bob Gentile said...

Congrats to ALL the DREAMCHASERS, You all ROCK!!! Way to GO!!

Becky said...

I am SO excited for ALL the participants! They must be very happy to make it to this point, and should all be very proud. Thanks for all the updates!

AnthonyP said...

Awesome job everyone !

Anonymous said...

This has been fun and very interesting to see -- your race that Jay and others are doing -- wow!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

How did I ever win the race..not sure:) Great grit and determination just like everyone else you read about on this blog!!!