Monday, April 07, 2008

Favorite Work-Out / Favorite Food

It was really great to hear about everyone’s high mileage weeks and the **hot** temperatures you have braved. Let’s hear more…

This week’s questions…

What is your favorite workout?

What do you love to eat before, during and after your hardest workout?

Share your answers!!!

Happy Feet!!!



Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask but I am not willing to give away the secret of my favorite workout. It is the one workout you give me that gives me the edge on all of these other folks that beat my butt in the races.
The food I use it all organic. Many grees, fresh fruit and juice.
I can't stand the gels or energy drinks most use.


Lora said...

My favorite workout is this one that makes me giggle--after running I jump rope, but when I run on the lakefront here in Chicago, I don't bring the jumprope with me, so I jump without the rope!!

I know I must look silly, but I'm doing it next to Lake Michigan, staring at the beautiful view of Chicago and it's invigorating!!

And my favorite post-workout-meal?? Why--chocolate milk, of course!!!

Anonymous said...

Best workout. I love the mile repeats and the stair workouts.

I drink lemon lime HEED or nuun.
Sharkies and always Recoverite.
Just like a good student! Ha!


olga said...

Long run on trails with lots of elevation change! I don't eat before (bad me), but after that I crave fat and always ready to go for cheese and eggs or juicy fish burger.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Olga, long trail runs!

I have to eat before a run. Bagel with peanut butter and fresh fruit.
During run I use Carbo Pro and Hammer gels. After run I grave pizza with extra cheese!!!

Jacqueline Florine said...

My favorite workout is on steep trails where I have the excuse to power walk a bunch.
The views and isolation make me super happy. : )
Before my hard workouts, I eat whatever I feel like. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with plain yogurt, raisins, and almonds. My favorite lunch is brown rice with toasted sesame seeds and a side of veggies.
During a workout, I like both water & Nuun, gels, cut up carrots or apples, almonds, and sandwiches.
Post workout, I love to make a frozen fruit & yogurt smoothie with a dollop of protein powder. Cheese and crackers are a favorite, too.
The tough thing for me when I am training hard is the monster sweet tooth I get.
I really try to buy the most natural real ice cream. And this year I bake cookies and cakes from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I like doing hill repeats on steep trails with good dirt and rocks.
About half mile in length. Hammer both up and down and do about 10 of them.

I drink cytomax and use a gel every 40 min. I use salt stick and use 1 each hour. Works for me.


Anonymous said...

My favorite workouts is one mile repeats and hills. i live in Vancouver, BC and that's what we have, MOUNTAINS....and before a workout, Carbpro. During, IronAid, and after, a good meal or Endurox R4.

Marc Bremner

Anonymous said...

Belated congrats to all the fantastic, incredible MDS alumni - so enjoy reading all your tales.

My favorite workout is a long one on trails in Pt. Reyes National Seashore. I usually start before dawn and eat Ak Mak w/peanut butter and smushed banana before I run. I drink HH and Hammer gel during run and Recoverite after. Go Dreamchasers!! ---Marcy

Anonymous said...

A nice run through the country roads even early in the morning. The smell of food cooking coming from the homes I pace along the way and the crisp fresh morning air. Does not get much better then this.

My drink is water with nuun and my food is sharkies or peanut butter and jelly.


Trace said...

By far, a mid-afternoon, spongy, pine-needle-covered, sunny trail run along the coast here in Oregon with the waves crashing on the cliffs next to me....

But, in the winter, I have started a new fun and unusual workout. After my treadmill run in the gym (UGH!), I turn the power to the treadmill off, grab the 'belly bar' and then start pushing off into a power walk. It sounds easier than it is! Once I get a good pace going, I start doing intervals of 1-minute sprinting and 1-minute power walking. The sprinting will put you mostly on the balls of your feet due to the angle. Since you don't have your arms to "pump" during your stride, it's all in the legs and really gets the heart rate up there! Try it!!! :-)

Dusty said...

My favorite workout is one that takes me to the top of a mountain (and then down as fast as my pony legs will carry me) or, at the very least, outside and on a trail. I'm learning to love snowmobile trails as much as dirt trails.

I just eat whatever before and after a hard workout. During: PowerBar 4X sodium vanilla goo, turkey sandwiches, chocolate, jelly beans.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Love, love all of these great workouts and ideas.

Thanks to all


Ted Archer said...

Lisa probably doesn't want me defiling this thread with my diet, but I don't think that she blocked me from posting . . .

I like a large, greasy omelette with hash browns about an hour before a long run. Throw in some peanut butter toast, too. Then, when I finish, I love either the biscuits and gravy served at Sacramento's Virgin Sturgeon restaurant, a good burrito, or a half-pound cheese-infused burger. I know that I'm not "supposed" to eat like that, but the question was posed.

As for during workouts, I had a great run in Manhattan prior to MDS during which I used only Kit-Kat candy bars as fuel: I loved it! I'm going to see how that feels when I find myself at all interested in running again!

Sorry, Lisa.

- Ted

Lisa Smith-Batchen said... can eat anything your big heart works for you:)

anyone who can get 16th overall at the MDS shouls just keep on doing what he is will want to run again very soon..and will it be with or without a pack?

Anonymous said...

my favorite workouts are the ones out on the trails.altough this past winter,and i can't believe i'm saying this, i've learned to like the pavement.because it is very flat in the town i live.although the mountains are close , i'm not into snowshoeing.
oatmeal and coffee, pre-work-out.
coffee(short days) or beer(long days), post-workout.sometimes i love the "cliff" brand recovery drink. michael e.