Sunday, April 06, 2008

Clean Socks & Other Important News

Our Daughter Wants You to Wear Clean Socks!
Many of you have met our daughter. She is very particular about fashion and her favorite colors are PINK and PURPLE! Here she shows us which pair of socks she would wear if she did MDS. Gotta love a 5 year-old who picks out pink Injinji’s!

What is YOUR Dream?
Maybe you want to do Marathon des Sables in 2009? Maybe you want to do your first marathon or ultra? Or maybe you want to do the Corporate Challenge 5k race your company joins every year? E-mail me at and we can talk about your dream and chasing it down. I would love to hear from you!!!

Stay Tuned to Hear from the 2008 MDS Dreamchasers
As the Dreamchasers return from MDS and take on the challenge of rest and recovery, I know many will share their race stories and photos. I’ll be sure to share many of the highlights with you.

Go Laurie Go!
Laurie Andrews celebrated her birthday by doing MDS. Read HERE to learn about her preparations...which obviously paid off!

Some Words from Colleen
It has been such a blast to “watch” the MDS this year. I know so many of you who competed and I waited with anticipation each day to glean a little bit about how the day fared for you. The results can only tell a few tidbits…but I can’t wait to hear each of your stories. Lisa and I would talk each day and our cautious optimism grew to sheer joy as we watched you conquer this course. I am in awe of each and every one of you…you have my respect. Now I am ready to have some laughs with you!

Dreamchasers 2008 MDS: Final Overall Results

You all did GREAT!!!

(Competitor's Name / Overall Race Ranking / Nationality / Overall Time)

ARCHER, Ted (16 / US / 25H34'22)
GOERKE, Damon (21 / AUS / 26H09'03)
VILLIERS, Jim (28 / AUS / 27H02'07)
COHEN, Andrew (32 / AUS / 27H39'28)
GRANT, Jeff (48 / US / 29H07'08)
MURRI, Morgan (51 / US / 29H13'33)
ROBERT, Vincent (67 / CAN / 30H15'50)
SAINSBURY, Brendan (70 / GB / 30H40'46)
LE ROUX, Michael (77 / AUS / 31H03'10)
KENDALL, Danny (91 / GB / 32H07'46)
SIMON, David (107 / AUS / 32H56'23)
EDWARDS, Martin (133 / AUS / 34H26'31)
BATCHEN, Jay (135 / US / 34H40'41)
SIMON, Mark (147 / AUS / 35H01'41)
GROSE, Fleur (149 / AUS / 35H01'48)
EHREDT, Mike (151 / US / 35H11'00)
SHAW, Antony (155 / AUS / 35H18'24)
LANTHIER BRANDNER, Chloe (162 / CAN / 35H28'58)
GLADWELL, Paul (169 / AUS / 35H42'45)
LUCAS, Suzanne (171 / CAN / 35H46'44)
JACKSON, Stephen (187 / AUS / 36H17'49)
ANDREWS, Laurie (190 / US / 36H22'31)
BRANDNER, Jeffrey (212 / US / 37H21'42)
SCHAR, Markus (224 / AUS / 37H41'50)
JENSEN, Michele (247 / US / 38H57'12)
MADL, Terence (259 / US / 39H23'25)
McGRATH, Meagan (287 / CAN / 40H48'35)
RUSSELL, Arthur Glen (293 / ZAF / 41H00'04)
HUNT, Jeffrey (318 / CAN / 41H39'48)
KELLY Jr., Edward J. (329 / US / 42H08'59)
KENNEDY WHITE, Joshua (344 / AUS / 42H48'50)
TOMADA, Patrick (407 / US / 46H03'40)
HORNELL, Chris (433 / CAN / 47H01'13)
BETTS, Mary (445 / CAN / 47H48'00)
WHELAN, James (454 / CAN / 48H18'38)
HOGUE, Jason (485 / CAN / 49H46'59)
CALDECOURT, Marc (490 / GB / 50H02'07)
GALLANT, Adwin (504 / CAN / 50H34'51)
RYAN, Gregory (509 / US / 50H59'02)
MATUKAITIS, Kira (515 / US / 51H18'10)
McKINLEY, Cliff (517 / AUS / 51H36'52)
OLIVER, Rebecca (527 / AUS / 51H55'26)
KENT, Robert (548 / CAN / 52H52'20)
GAUDET, Peggy (549 / US / 52H55'38)
DUPLAIN, Marc (569 / CAN / 54H33'38)
PATERSON, Stuart (570 / AUS / 54H34'10)
ARRICALE, Jeff (581 / US / 55H16'26)
ELLENOR, Ashley (593 / CAN / 56H04'38)
BRYANT, Van (596 / AUS / 56H14'45)
LUXFORD, Toby (633 / GB / 58H41'41)
DAVISON, Aaron (636 / CAN / 59H00'29)
BELLOR, Kay (640 / US / 59H18'01)
CORBIN, Leigh (641 / US / 59H21'03)

VELASCO, George (642 / US / 59H21'10)
DEMARCO, Marianne (647 / US / 59H38'48)
LAING, James (653 / CAN / 59H54'04)
McCALLUM, Sandra (671 / CAN / 61H39'59)
MACK, Martin (676 / CAN / 61H59'04)
SILCOCK, Alan (685 / GB / 63H04'14)
DODD, Francis (690 / AUS / 63H18'56)
ZAITZEFF, Elizabeth (716 / US / 66H57'28)
ZAITZEFF, Lara (717 / US / 66H58'40)

FORTMAN, Jeffrey (721 / US / 67H38'38)
SLOAN, Andrea Lynn (725 / CAN / 68H23'07)
MEADES, Karen (729 / CAN / 68H53'14)

WOLK, Stephen (742 / US / 72H31'13)


Anonymous said...

Beyond following this impressive race your daughter Annabella is so cute! I bet the sock company would use her photo for an ad, have you tried to send it to them?
I work for Patagonia and we would use it.


Anonymous said...

Great job on covering the race. It was fun to hear all the extras about your team. Here's a link to an ariticle about Peggy back in March. Don't know if you've already seen it or not.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all your athletes who had the courage to toe the line at MDS.

All my love,


"Change is what happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing."

Anonymous said...


Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

I heard from Ted yesterday in a brief email. He said he felt like he "had nothing left in him physically" but said other than that he was doing well. Oh sure, other than THAT?!! I had to laugh, but it was a good sign that he is in good spirits despite being extremely tired, and understandably so. He also estimated that he has lost 10-15lbs., nothing that a few trips to Chipotle for burritos can't solve. :)

The next few couple days will, I'm sure, be filled with much fun as all of the MDS competitors arrive home!

- Amy

Anonymous said...

What a good looking group of people. I heard that Good morning American and ABC sports followed most of your coaching gang for during the race, is this true? Please make sure you let us know when so we are sure to watch.
Tell Jay hello for us and hug the kids.

Steve L.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation's to all of the 2008MdS competitors!!! You are all champions in my eyes! It was such a pleasure to follow all of you on a daily basis cheering you on from a far! Aran

Anonymous said...

Lisa, please pass on to Ted our congratulations. We have followed the
race as we could do so, and are amazed and filled with admiration for
his perserverance, true grit, soul, and spirit. Most people would just
hope to finish, but I knew from talking to Ted that just wouldn't be
good enough. He is truly and inspiration. Our congratulations to your
whole team. We're very proud.

Lyn Erwin
Wiley X Eyewear
U. S. Veteran Owned Company

As always, we at Wiley X would like to thank the brave men and women of
our armed forces for continuing to protect our nation, our freedom, and
our families!

JMP said...

Fantastic news about all the Dreamchasers' MDS race completion! Way to go everyone!!

Lisa, you do an amazing job staying up on all the race news with your blog posts. Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes with everyones upcoming races!


Anonymous said...

Bella is bellissima!!
how sweet...
what's in the background...?? is that a mural or the is beautiful...??

tell Bella she is pretty in Pink!!

God bless you and all who read this blog

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thank you for all the great comments...Annabella will be 5 on Wed. she is so thrilled her daddy will be home today with some great photos and we hope some presents!

Dream big

Sarah Hargis said...

HUGE congrats to all the Dreamchasers! What a great accomplishment. Happy Birthday Annabella!

Trail Goat said...

As always, Annabella brought a smile to my face. :-D

Becky said...

All of the MdS participants deserve to be very proud! Congratulations to you all. And thank you so much Lisa and Colleen for all the great coverage and comments - It was nice to feel like we were following their journey together!

Anonymous said...

The best part of this entire blogging is the fact that you Lisa were able to get all of these people to go and run the race. You have this ability like no other that I know, you can convince each person that they can do anything and that anything is possible.
If not for you and the pushing I would not even be walking 3 miles a day and have lost 30 pounds. Still have 80 more to go but I will do it.
Thank you for the belief you put out there for us short little fat people.
Love you


cathy said...

What a cutie that Annabella is!!!

Anonymous said...

could your daughter be any more beautiful? where is she from?


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Our daughter is from the good old USA and she gets more beautiful each day, both of them do. The loves of our life!!!