Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28th Update


This is a card that I was sent from my friends Todd and Helene and I think it is so beautiful that I want to share it with all of you. It is so fitting for all those running the Marathon des Sables (nearly 900 people!), or for those of you running any other race or just the fact that we believe in all of you!

I believe in the things that are important to you and in the way you choose to live your life...I believe that you can accomplish anything you set out to do, that you have many talents and the wisdom to use them well...I believe that you have what it took to overcome obstacles and to grow from every experience life brings your way...I believe in your courage, your compassion, your integrity, and your strength. I believe in your goodness...
Photo: me with Todd during the Badwater Double (2006). update from the Sahara :)

They are on the 5-8 hour bus ride right now to the starting line and they were given the road map book and the distances of each day. Here is what they are looking at! Keep in mind they have 2 days to complete day four! Distances are as follows

Day 1 (Sunday) – 31.6k (19.6 miles)
Day 2 (Monday) - 38k (23.6 miles)
Day 3 (Tuesday) - 40.5k (25.2 miles)
Day 4 (Wednesday & into Thursday) – 75.5k (46.9 miles)
Day 5 (Thursday) - rest day (because not everyone finishes Day 4 on Day 4)
Day 6 (Friday) - 42.2k (26.2 miles)
Day 7 (Saturday) - 17.5k (10.9 miles)

Total distance = 245.3k (152.4 miles)

Jeff has his Blackberry and sent this note to me! Jeff has done so much to prepare for this race and I want to share his story with you. He has a beautiful wife, Jessie, and four amazing children: 6-year-old son, Jake, and sisters, Emma, 4, Sami, 2, and 8-month-old daughter, Gracie. Jeff’s MDS fundraising efforts are particularly in honor of supporting research and resources that will help Jake and Gracie who have children's interstitial lung disease. Read this great article about Jeff.

And then read Jeff’s comical blackberry note from the bus:
"We just stopped for lunch and got off the bus. what a bus ride through the mountains. I have flip flops on and I stepped on a scorpion, scared the pants off of me. It is amazing that the race has not even started yet and people already STINK!!!!"

Well, as you can see...the adventure begins!

One more thing…part of the challenge of MdS is braving the heat of the day and the relative cold that can come in the evenings. On average, daytime temps for the race range from 40C-50C (104F – 122F) and the overnight temps can be from 0C-5C (32F–41F). But word is that this year – 2008 – could prove to be the hottest MDS yet.

Stay tuned!

Photo: Tonight, MDS competitors start to sleep in tents. It's truth discover who in your tent snores!! :)

PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS: Are you checking in because your boyfriend, cousin, crazy co-worker is doing MDS? If so, please post and let me know your out there. Tell me the things your friend has done to get ready for the race and how you have helped. Tell me what you have planned for their return. Or just stop and say hi!

TELEVISION COVERAGE: Various TV crews will be present this year filming the MDS. Here is a link describing the coverage. If anyone know someone at ABC in the US, I would love to learn what day/time they are planning on showing coverage fo the event. And if anyone catches coverage and can tape it, I would be so grateful!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

The SoCal ultra running group wants to say hi and Cheers to our buddies George and Leigh. You guys are amazing.

Ben Gaotes

Meredith said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the updates from the race. This is going to be so exciting!! Thank you for keeping us posted and the links to the runners blogs that will have updates :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.
When is the deadline to sign up for next year?


Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous! if any of you see this .. you all are going to do very well.your in great company with jay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I'm Peggy Gaudet's sister- I am so excited about her run (and a little worried, to tell you the truth), so I'll look forward to your updates!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and thanks for helping her prepare for this great adventure!

Oh- do you know the time difference between here and there?

Wishing everyone well...

Suzi Constantine
Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-

This is Amy, Ted Archer's girlfriend. I just wanted to say hello to all the friends and family who are back home supporting their beloved runners in Morocco. I had to laugh (and cringe!) when I saw the photo of Patrice's feet! I told Ted that I wanted him to come home in one piece, but that I wouldn't count toenails as part of that! I keep teasing him that he will need a pedicure when he gets home, and he says only if a doctor deems it medically necessary! Anyone who knows Ted knows that trying to convince him to get a pedicure would be like trying to convince him to become a vegetarian...impossible! Anyway, many thanks to Lisa for keeping us all updated. I know Ted is so grateful for all of your coaching and encouragement. Good luck to all the runners!