Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday!

MDS Race Director Patrick Bauer has yelled into his megaphone, "Trois...deux...un...allez!" and they were off…ready to start their desert adventures this morning.

As for Stage 1, it looks like they started running right away into some beautiful sand dunes! The course looks a bit challenging for the first day but not too bad :) Should be fun!
Here is the road book to follow along.

This years MDS promises to be a tough one: not only is it the longest ever but it also kicks off with Morocco’s highest dunes - a 31.6 kilometres long first heat that could do much damage. Not enough to demoralize the competitors, only too happy to be facing the enemy at last. Old hands mix with newcomers who get to discover the special atmospher of the caravan, bringing together 32 nationalities and people coming from all walks of life, from policeman to baker, and psychiatrist to former football coach.

Me & My Dad
Many of you are asking and wondering why I am not in Morocco running the MDS this year.
(Photo of me and my Dad after I finished my very first marathon)

It was decided that I would stay behind this year due to a very ill father who has been in and out of the hospital and who is looking at having another surgery. I have been spending a great deal of time helping care for him at the hospital and at his home along with my other siblings. It became very clear to me that I did not need to be out of the country at this time. It has also become very hard for me to leave my two little children ages 2 and 5 for this amount of time, I miss them way too much! Next year the entire family will go over and we even hope to get grandma and grandpa to go to!!!

I have not been doing much training at all but doing a small amount when I can, in the garage on my spin bike, rowing machine and versa climber!!! My secret weapons :):)

Message I received from Patrice Clapacs, who did MDS in 2007:
Hi Lisa...So jealous of everyone out there about to start out on the most amazing adventure of a lifetime. It was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life and gave me the most cherished new friends. I can thank you for getting me there and getting me to the finish! Hopefully my photo won’t scare anyone off but here’s my memory…

My feet after just the first 2 days. The day after the long stage I woke up to go see the Doc Trotters medical staff and as I was leaving the tent I kicked the tent stake with my pinky toe and it was the first time I cried. (but not the last! I had many tears of laughter and joy) Definitely NOT something I am looking forward to next year.

You are all amazing and are in for the time of your lives over the next week! Best of luck to all !!!

Let the party begin!


Sean said...

Just getting in from the ING GA Marathon and wondering how my buddy Jeff Grant did today. Do you know if the MdS website will provide stage results for all competitors or only the leaders?


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Jeff is 83rd overall and 3rd for the USA!!!!

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Sweet! He told me you were pushing him to race it and try to place in the top 100. He's got a good start!

Anonymous said...

i was on the website sending e-mails to everybody and could not find the days results.congrats to jeff!! michael e.

Anonymous said...

so awesome, ted was 29th overall.
lisa you said he could go top 10-15. man oh man this is so cool,his first race. only doing a 50 mile race and to be running with these guys. slow and steady you told him, now let's see if he can hold on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa:

Just checked out your blog. I could have read all afternoon! But I got the gist and found the good stuff; photos of you and Jay, updates on how Jay's doing.
I was so sorry to hear that your father is still sick. I'm sure you and the kids and your siblings are making all the difference. Can't imagine you'd be anywhere else.
Loved the old photo of the two of you too, very sweet. Were you in Jr. High? HS? Anyway, I wish you all the best and am sending all the positive thoughts and prayers
I can muster.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Mike Wardian, he just may be going back next year to run the MDS, we sure hope so:)