Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dreamchasers Are Already Grabbing Headlines

As everyone makes their way to the race, the pre-race coverage is starting to build on the http://www.darbaroud.com/ website. How great it was to visit the website today and see the efforts of these Dreamchasers featured on the homepage.

To read their complete stories, here are the links:

Jeff Grant - ING Chances for Children

Paul Gladwell & Martin Edwards - Cancer Centre for St. Vincent's

Markus Schar and Joshua Kennedy White - Run 4 Vision

You can also read about Paul, Martin, Jeff and many other Dreamchasers who are running for a purpose on our website:

About the Dreamchasers Who Compete at MdS: Running for a Purpose


Ted Archer said...

Lisa and anyone interested in the pre-race experience . . .

We've arrived in Ouarzazate, Morocco, a town of a few thousand people out in the desert. I wrote some friends that it is a mix between Las Vegas (the dry heat, dust, sand, and rocks with new construction everywhere) and the third-world feel of Mexico.

We are all quite excited--but nervous. This morning Jay Batchen walked us through a pack tutorial, with many of us frantically getting rid of items in order to get down to a smaller weight. Marianne seems to be the winner, with a 15-pound pack; mine is just a hair under 22 pounds, which seems to be about average.

Two more days in Ouarzazate, and then off to the first Bivouac!

- Ted Archer

Anonymous said...

Great going Jeff to get on the front, home page!

Best of luck to the dream team! I hope to run this race next year.