Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great moments in training!!!

Happy Thursday!

It is sunny and going to hit 80 degrees here today.

Below are the 100 mile splits from student Larry Kings 1st 100 mile race at RR!!! Check it out. Last lap was just 1 min. slower than his 1st lap:)
The link below that is the link to the RR web site so you can all look at your splits!
Would love to know how many of you had your last lap as your fastest or close to it:)

Loop 1 Loop 2 Loop 3 Loop 4 Loop 5 03:39:12.5 03:59:13.0 04:09:36.0 04:08:28.9 03:40:31.9 3h39m 3h59m 4h9m 4h8m 3h40m

*This email below is from Ironman coaching student who just got a new bike and took it out for its first spin on the are going to get a great laugh out of this one!!!

Hi Lisa..
I finally took my bike out on its maiden voyage. I got about 5 miles out when at about 20 MPH I hit a curb and crashed. 200lbs of man flying through the air attached to a bike. My shoulder and head hit the ground first. My helmet cracked in half, and my hip and shoulder feel like I just played a football game. Like a good boy trained to be tough like my coach. I got my ass up, climbed back on that bike, and went home with a smile on my face.

Injury report: Giant abrasion on my shoulder, hip, and knee and both hands. Broken helmet, brakes levers on front of bike broke, brake on rear tire loose, handle grips stained with blood (their white), and bike makes funny noise when riding.

Nothing exciting has happened to me like that in a long time. Car stopped and two people jumped out to help. Woman tells me she is going to call 911 and man could not believe I got up after the “horrendous spill” (his words). I proudly told them I was trained by Dreamchasers and was just testing my helmet with a planned fall. I know this doesn’t top a Scottish man flying down steps in a kilt with no undies next to nuns, but a 200 pound man in biker tights flying through the air with a bike is kinda closeJ

Ironman in November or bust! Still coughing and a little scraped up but hey..that is a good day..!!!

*This next email is from Joe who is about done with winter:)

Hi Lisa,

I look forward to getting my Dreamchaser shirt in the mail.
just tell the delivery guy to take it to "that city on the midwest where of snows every damn day!" He'll know the place. There is obviously nothing between my front door and the north pole but a barbed wire fence. Maybe I didn't have the flu, maybe I'm just alergic to blowing snow! Sorry, I'm ranting. (God,I hope I ordered a long sleve shirt.) Joe

** Sorry that it is warm and sunny here and so many are dealing with tons of snow! Make the best of it. Snow running is a great cross training for the MDS and the sand...and so is running in the wind! Nothing like a good old sand storm.

I hope you all have a great day


Anonymous said...

Just proof that when you following your training ;) the stars will align. Once again, way to go Larry....send some of that good energy over to Morrocco! Kira :)

Anonymous said...

go team dreamchaser!


Anonymous said...

Nice to read that other's are done with winter. Wish I was on my bike even if I crashed, it is getting rough training on a treadmill and computrainer all the time. Snow, snow go away and don't even think about coming back another day.


Anonymous said...

i'm done with winter as well. it sucks runing on pavement all the time.after looking at my slpits, i obviously have some work to do.the best of luck to all going to m.d.s.!!

Anonymous said...

what a good first 100 mile time let alone the last lap. just shows he has a good coach in you lisa

Anonymous said...

I want to date the bike crash guy. He sounds like my kind of person!!!!!!!!!!!

W :)

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose my negative split counts because I off-loaded my sister-in-law during the last lap?
Ha! Ha!

olga said...

Lisa, sorry I didn't get to see you this Sunday and pray your trip will be brightened up with your father's getting better again (and again). Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Just goe's to show that I really need to follow the race plan you give to me.
Larry you are amazing on the first 100.