Sunday, February 10, 2008

From the Race Front: MARCY SHONE

On last weekend's Rocky Raccoon Race in Huntsville, TX

What surprised you most about the race?
I was relieved that the weather was so perfect all day and also through the night. My biggest surprise about the race – I finished my first 100 miler!!

What advice helped you achieve your goal?
Coach Lisa’s stellar training plan leading up to the race and then her constant reassurance the week before the race that I did have enough training and that I would do fine. My husband Rocky’s patience with listening to me talk about the race for the past few months and his constant support and encouragement.

Did you meet any new friends on the course?
I spoke with a lot of people and lots of “heys” but didn’t hook-up with any running buddies. It was great to see fellow Dreamchasers along the course.

Is there something you learned that you'll use in future races (good, bad, or ugly!)
Good: a 100 is something that can be done by mere mortals
Bad: be careful wearing ankle straps with disc chips
Ugly: You should walk around a bit after the finish and not crawl straight into the sleeping bag!

Any words of advice for others thinking about doing an ultra?
You MUST have a knowledgeable coach to help you build up a solid foundation as you move up the ultra distances - I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without Coach Lisa's guidance. Learning about your own nutrition is also key to keep you training well and finishing those races strong.


Robert said...

Hi, Marcy! I'm one of Lisa's Kids, too, and will be glad to be your friend! See you at the next 100!
Bob Becker

Lora said...

Congrats on your first 100. I did my first 50 there. You're making me think that even I can do 100!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Marcy and Rocky! You are such a great team to watch in action. Not only did you run your 1st 100 mile, you were able to spend time with your son..and find out you are going to be a grandmother!!
You always had a smile on your face when I saw you..
Rocky sat waiting for you like a proud pappa!!!
See you soon