Wednesday, February 06, 2008

From the Race Front: LORA MANTELMAN

On last weekend's Rocky Raccoon Race in Huntsville, TX

What surprised you most about the race?
The roots!! Holey Smokes--they were humongii!! Also--the friendly runners that were encouraging me as they passed-that was a big help.

What advice helped you achieve your goal?
You can never start out too slow. The hard work it took to get to the starting line already makes you a winner.

Did you meet any new friends on the course?
YES!!! I met Colleen and Marisol, who were a blast to run with. We oogled all the bare chested men together. Ted was a sweetie to drive to the airport. George was such a gentleman to offer to bring my gear to my car when I was finished with the race.

Is there something you learned that you'll use in future races (good, bad, or ugly!)
Listen to Lisa's plan for nutrition. I had no stomach issues and no salt on my body when I was done!!

Any words of advice for others thinking about doing an ultra?
Get to know other ultrarunners so you won't feel so crazy in your goal!



Anonymous said...

We met while you were at an aid station and you said your feet hurt. My feet always hurt so try to think about something else when they really hurt.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Lora my was so wonderful to meet your daughter and your mother on her 75th Birthday!!!
You always look fresh, like you just got out of the do you do it? Your going to be the next one I pace once we pick a race for you.
Can't wait to see you soon here in Az!!