Monday, February 11, 2008

From the Race Front: JEFF ARRICALE

On last weekend's Rocky Raccoon Race in Huntsville, TX

What surprised you most about the race?
How many older people do ultras. Also, the incredible support of the aid station crews.

What advice helped you achieve your goal?
Lisa's training program that I have been (mostly) following for some time.

Did you meet any new friends on the course?
I met many new friends whose names I won't remember, but we will remember each other when we meet up at future races.

Is there something you learned that you'll use in future races (good, bad, or ugly!)
Breaking the race down into component parts is a great way to overcome the daunting figure (50 or 100 miles or whatever). "I can do a 17 mile loop". "I can run 4.5 miles to the next aid station".

Any words of advice for others thinking about doing an ultra?
Pretty much anybody can do it if they are well coached.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...


Your 1st 50 mile was done with amazing grace and you went for it. It was a joy to run a few miles with has been so fun getting to know you and your family. going to be a blast for you.

leigh said...

Jeff, Did you bring THE PHONE? Congrats!