Monday, January 07, 2008

Great information/pass it on

Happy New Year to you all. I have been slow getting my to my blog with what I would like to say for the New Year:) I will have it by the end of the week. This year I am going to be posting many blogs with great information for all of you to read and share with family, friends and running buddies!

I first have a favor to ask all of you. So many of you prayed for my father and trust me your prayers were heard! I sent this note to some family and friends today and I am going to ask the same from you!!!

Hi all..I hope this note finds you all doing well and off to a great start for the new year.

as you know my dad went through a 10 hour open heart operation..he is now on kidney dialysis 3 days a week and he is very depressed and weak. His will to live is very strong.

I am trying to get people to send him a card to help cheer him up. If you take 5 minutes out of your day to send a note to cheer someone up it would make the world of difference is his life. I think if we all take more time to do things like this it will help put a smile on so many faces!

The power of prayer!

David Smith
207 Collie Road
Calhoun, LA. 71225

I thank you in advance for taking and making the time.

Love to you all

My friend Will sent this to me last night. It is very powerful.

If a person thinks first about the needs of the other, and thinks only second about himself, he'll always be guided to the right answers. Wherever it is that you focus, that is where your answers will come from. When you think of yourself first, you will always get the wrong information. There is an ancient Aramaic word that kabbalists sometimes use. The word is lezulat. And it means... For another. The word lezulat is not a charming little piece of spiritual history; it's a secret code that will lead us to prosperity and well-being. We live in the "me-first" paradigm, and our belief system states that we will achieve more if we think about ourselves. We're always looking out for Number You-Know What. Wrong! Kabbalah teaches that if you think of others - if you struggle to find what's good for them - you yourself can have more. Life is full of questions and answers. When my only agenda is to advance myself, the flow of energy and information has stopped. At every step, others must be injected into my calculations. It's the only way to tap into that 99% world of guidance and right information. This week, while you're selling somebody something, or having a heart-to-heart with a friend, or disciplining your child, take 60 seconds to think about the other person. If you were him, how would you feel? This process immediately injects sharing into the equation - and when that happens, every decision you make will be based on Light.


Anonymous said...

you got it Lisa, I will send a card today. I do agree that when we take the focus off our selfish self that many good things will come our way.

Kel said...

The card is in the mail. Best wishes to you and your family!

Lora said...

My card will go out tomorrow!

Is he ready for all this love???


Anonymous said...

My card will also be in the mail. What a great idea. Once again you continue to inspire me to do better and to be better. To many times I sit around feeling sorry for myself when I should be out doing something kind for someone else to help me feel better.
Keep on doing all you do.

Anonymous said...

Somehow you always seem to remember my Birthday and it amazes me how you keep track of so many people. You have such ability to bring people together from all over the World, such as the races in Feb. where we will have many Dreamchaser runner's coming together. I love this about you. It is such a warm way of connection. I write letter's all the time, many people never write letter's any longer, they only send an email. I will write your father a letter and continue to pray for him because I know it works.
Love you Marilyn

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Good morning!!!
I have had a few emails from some asking me if I was Jewish and study Kabbalah.

I don't study Kabbalah but I read alot and I am a Christian. I feel God is every where and the best places I find him are on top of a mountain or on a trail...Small acts of kindness work!
Thanks to so many for reaching out.
It would be great if you posted your note to my blog or the emails you send to me, other's are interested in what you have to say.
Have a great day
Happy Feet

eguarnerio said...

I´m working on the Lezulat concept. I live in Argentina and I´m a Kabblah student. I wish contact you. My e-mail is Thanks.