Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Power Of Prayer!

Thanks to many of you who are praying for my father and our family. My father spent 10 hours on the operating table on Wed. and is now in the critical ISU unit in critical condition.

It is touch and go right now due to health issues my father is fighting right now. I do believe in the power of prayer and I do want you to know that I am thankful to and for you all.

This has been a challenging few months for me on a personal level but I continue to grow and learn with each passing moment. I feel the biggest lesson is knowing that we can only focus on what we can control in our life and that we should do our best to get up each day and think about living in the moment and just do our best.

Many of you are going through your own bumps in the road of life right now. I want you to know you are not and you are never alone. Reach out to those who love and care about you, make that phone call, send that email...again you are never alone.

The emails and the comments on my blog from people all over the World telling me they are thinking about me and praying for my father has touched me deeply in so many ways. Perfect strangers, yet I do feel we never meet a stranger. Thank you.

If you ever have something you would like to have prayers just let me know, I will see that my prayer list gets your request!

Below are 2 wonderful gifts for us all to each think about each day..Thank you Will:)

*This is the credo of The Campfire Girls, an organization form the late 1800’s. Equally poignant. Take deep breaths!

The Camp Fire Law is:

Worship God.
Seek beauty.
Give service.
Pursue knowledge.
Be trustworthy.
Hold on to health.
Glorify work.
Be happy.

The power of miracles is available to us at every moment. There are many practical steps you can take to connect with this power. They all involve finding excitement and beauty in the permanent and lasting gifts of the Creator.

— Begin the day with gratitude.
— Realize that life itself is a miracle.
— Recognize the precision and wonder of nature.
— Seek the Light in every person you meet.
— Identify the Light in all things.

Exercise these five steps today and you will have the power of miracles on your side. Create the unthinkable - for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the world!

Love to you all,


Hart said...

our hearts and thoughts are with you and your father lisa.

Anonymous said...

your faith inspires me. I will run smoe miles for you this weekend, I know you are not getting so I will run some for you.
keep the faith

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family-

Be Well,


EbethS said...

Lisa you and your family are in my prayers. Thanks for the reminder to identify the light in all things.

Anonymous said...

i am hoping all is gong well! Leigh