Thursday, July 26, 2007

The "So Not Normal" Relay

Lisa made an incredible effort during the 2007 Badwater 135. The 10am starters went out fast and she was one several women trading places at the front of the pack. Around Panamint Springs, about 60 miles into the race, she began experiencing terrible stomach problems. By the time she was approaching Lone Pine, stomach issues had slowed her pace to about 1/2 mph. She made the decision to stake out for several hours and try to recover. When she resumed she felt much better and was able to maintain a pace of 4mph or more through Lone Pine. Soon after starting up the Portal Road to the finish line, late Tuesday night, she again began having severe stomach problems which compounded other issues; most critically she'd only been able to keep down about 2000 calories since the start of the race on Monday morning. She was very surprised when the race director told her that her time was under 42 hours.

As previously reported, she and her crew waited to make a Whitney summit attempt until the weather on the mountain cleared. They set out about 8pm Wednesday. Even with heavy summit gloves and many layers of clothing, within 2 miles of the summit she was nearing hypothermia. Lisa was prepared to rest on the mountain until sunrise brought warmer temperatures, but after assessing the condition of herself and her crew, she felt any choice other than descent would endanger the team.

After a safe descent and a couple hours of rest, Lisa was still experiencing stomach pain whenever she stood up or walked. She felt that she could not finish the Double as a solo effort, but she and her team are committed to completing the Double and continuing their effort to raise money for the MPD foundation. In that spirit, they've decided to run a team relay back to the start line in Badwater with Lisa crewing them.

The rules are there are no rules, but at least one runner will be on the course the from finish line at Whitney Portal to the Start line. Lisa ran the first 135 mile leg of the team double, now each crew member will run 25 miles or more on the way back. George and Scott ran down from the Portal finish line to Lone Pine late this afternoon. Laurie and Mike are running the next leg.

The team members all made prediction times for the 135 mile relay:

Scott - 28:30
Mike - 30:00
Laurie - 31:00
Leigh - 32:33
Lisa - 34:00
Marie - 35:00
George - 37:32

Okay, finally...we have told you so much about Marie Boyd, crew chief extraordinaire, but now you can watch a video clip of her describing the recent turn of events. Enjoy and watch how this amazing TEAM is sticking together, guided by Lisa's strength & spirit.


olga said...

Go, Team Lisa! There are no rules, but the cause and the exsecution of a goal. We are all cheering for you and please, guys, be safe and strong!

Bob Gentile said...

Good Call, Safety is the first Goal...U had a good battle on the first 135 (that does sound funny-the first 135--geesh) but as Marie said u had to because of ur stomach plus other issues u reached ur limit--now plan B--Great idea to bring the TEAM together to complete the Goal...

Best wished to all on a great return back to the start line...we love U guys!!

Michele Jensen said...

Go team!! Your teamwork and determination is an inspiration. We all support your decision, and it was clearly the right one. Your decision to drive on as a team is inspiring - I'm rooting for you all!

Anonymous said...

Be safe...
Congrats on the successful double!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! What a great idea. Besides, you gotta do something with all that Ensure!
; ) Wish I was out there with you-giving the love. Ha! Ha! Ha! You guys have a great time running, spritzing, drinking Heed, popping Enduralytes, and taping toes. Yeee Haw!
LOL, Jacki

Greg Pressler said...

I'll have more to say later (MUCH more!), but as someone who had a first-hand view--up close and personal--of Lisa's race, I can't emphasize enough the power and grace of this woman.

Her crew is one that I tried to use as an example for (my already amazing) crew. Whenever my "rookie" crewmembers had a question, I just said, "Watch what Lisa's crew is doing and do that!"

Lisa and guys are just incredible. My BW race wouldn't have been the same without you all.

Again, much more later as I regain my energy and have the ability to clearly convey my thoughts. Right now, I'm just so grateful and in awe of LSB.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Found my way here from Bob's blog. Great job on the Badwater finish. A very sensible decision to put your well being and recovery ahead of a second crossing. It is fantastic that your team would take on the challenge of running back as a relay...a substantial task in itself, especially after the efforts of crewing during the Badwater race. Great job, and I look forward to hearing of your further adventures.

Christopher said...

Let's see, is there a way to make the Double even more inspiring than last year? YES!!!

The other day I was explaining to my roommates who Lisa was and what she was doing, and let's just say that they were confused. As I was trying to get across to them what an amazing person she is, one of the girls I was talking to mentioned that she thought it would be discouraging to spend time with Superwoman, knowing that you couldn't do what she did. Well, then I had to explain that perhaps the most amazing thing about Lisa, besides all of the other obvious ones, is her ability to motivate other people to do the same unthinkable acts that she does.

I think Marie and the rest of the crew prove my point, as if Dr. Bliss hadn't done so already! What could be more amazing than running across Death Valley in the summer? Convincing your crew to do the same thing! Now, that's a leader, and that's a team. Good luck everyone, Marie--you're gonna fly!!!

Anonymous said...

Incredibly moving story about teamwork. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Thank you for your commitment and compassion.