Monday, July 30, 2007

And Now…a Word from Lisa’s Crew Member Scott Morgan

From Scott Morgan:
This was an incredible experience, one that I shall never forget. During this journey Lisa provided a beautiful example of physical and mental strength, grace, compassion, kindness, concern, creativity, beauty and generosity in the face of extreme obstacles.
At the conclusion of this journey looking back upon what Lisa accomplished and the manner in which she cared for and ultimately rewarded her crew and honored the MPD Foundation was nothing short of mind boggling! Lisa chose the safety of her friends over the crucial objective of the summit, thereby ending the double project as we knew it. In the face of utter disappointment Lisa bestowed an incredible gift upon her crew and respected the power of a fundraising commitment by becoming a true part of the crew. We got to experience the race course in full race conditions {crew vans and all}. The creation of the "So Not Normal" relay was born from within her compassion and generosity.
Through all of this one thing remained constant and that was Lisa infectious enthusiasm. I will never ever forget seeing Lisa’s smiling face time and again as I ran towards her on the course, here I was slogging my way along and who was there crewing me but Lisa.
On a personal note, I am supremely disappointed in that I was not able to guide Lisa to the summit and I take full blame for this failure. The summit takes on extreme importance in the context of the double and needs to be treated differently. I failed to account for every possible outcome and that is something that will bother me for a very long time. In the context of the double there are only two outcomes on the mountain..... double continues or double stops. If I had taken more precautionary gear I have no doubt that this story would have a very different outcome.
In closing I want to thank Lisa and the other crew members for providing one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. You all were great and I will never forget the "So Not Normal" double.
Scott Morgan


cathy said...

What a beautiful description of Lisa's gift of the "So Not Normal" relay! It was truly a gift to all of us that got to be part of that phenomenal experience.

Anonymous said...

A MPD patient and I sent out a
notice during the race to two different MPD patient
support listserves -- reaching at least 4,000. As I
said to one of the listowners, every step counts.
It's important to support the researchers who have
dedicated their lives to these so-called orphan
diseases. It is heartwarming and inspiring for MPD
patients and their families to know of the
extraordinary efforts made on their behalf by you and
your team and by the patient-advocacy group, The MPD

Sometimes you can see immediate results for huge
efforts (like the $300,000 you raised last year for
the Aids orphans!) -- sometimes, huge generous efforts
create a more subtle, but equally powerful dynamic,
one whose ramifications ripple across generations.

Rest up. Big hugs and congratulations to you and
your crew.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
Just wanted to send you a quick note congratulating you and your wonderful crew for having a successful Badwater this past week. It seems you dealt with a lot of adversity during your run to Whitney Portal, but you persevered. I'm sure you've heard it before, but your actions and how you lead others during what others may consider failure, is absolutely amazing. You make all of us better people and it makes me want to be a better person in every aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

I’m so impressed with you and your crew! What a wonderful insight into your team and friendship. I followed the blog during Badwater and your completion of the story, what an outstanding effort and truly inspirational. Thank you. I hope you are all recovered/recovering well.

Anonymous said...

Hey coach,
It must have touched a cord in you when Marshall passed you going towards the finish line? Why would he want to do that and not walk to the finish line with you?
Got me thinking.
Nice come back from the stomach issue, hope yor get that worked out.
Hot as you know what in Florida.

Anonymous said...


I have been out of town for 2 weeks and have just been able to get caught up. What a group of people you hang out with, it is hard for me to find someone to run 2 miles with me let alone the badwater course. Inspiration, that is what you all are.
God Bless you all for watching after my friend.