Monday, June 04, 2007

BW double crew!!!!

Happy Monday!

Well I am back home to the sunny Tetons after spending close to 2 weeks in the deep south with my father. I am very happy to say that my father is doing so, so much better and when I left I felt really good about all the time we had together.

My butt is sore from sitting in the car for 24 hours! I do have to day that it is now time for me to spend the next 6-7 weeks training and focusing on my BW double again. I did do some training while in Louisiana but not much to brag about although it was great heat training:):)
To be honest I feel strong and fit, more mentally than anything. I am going into this years event with a real simple attitude and spirit and pray that God willing it will turn out the way I dream and visualize it to be.
This week I will put photos of my crew on the web site and the blog. I feel very thankful for the crew that has come together for me and I thank them all so much for taking the time off work, away from family and there own life to help my goal, journey and dream become a reality.
I do believe in pay backs so I will crew and pace each and everyone of my crew member's at some point in there life!!!

Here is the run down on my crew:

Marie and Andy Boyd: Race directors of the Bishop High Sierras race that are held in May.
They are both in Western States this year but sad to say Andy has hurt his foot and will not be able to run. Marie is my ONE AND ONLY LEAD CREW PERSON..she is hands down one of the most wonderful, amazing women that walks this earth. Marie and Andy have crewed Monica to both of her 1st place wins at Badwater, so I am in good hands. Marie is a surgical nurse. Andy will not be on the crew for the official race but he will come out to see us on the return..he needs to be at home with the puppies.!!! With Maries experience we have a great game plan set in place, simple and to the point..Get it done!!!

Mike Artino: good looking to say the least,, run faster when he takes his shirt off:):) Ha, Ha!
Mike was on my crew last year and he was such an amazing inspiration to me and saved my butt when I was sick. He is the one that said..hey lets take her temperature and to find out it was wonder I did not feel well. Mike is a great athlete with several adventure races and ultra under his belt. His attention to detail and caring for others is wonderful. Mike is also training to be a trainer and is a medic! Mike will go up Whitney with me to!!

Laurie Andrews: Lives right here in Jackson Hole..5'11 beautiful Blondie bomb shell that turns heads everywhere she goes. Not only is she an amazing runners, bikes, climber she is a giver of her time raising money for all kinds organizations. Needless to is never about just her she is all about helping everyone. Great news is I get to train with Laurie. The 6 hour I was able to do on the Teton pass was with Laurie and we were together stride for stride all the music in motion. Laurie is running Desert Rats, is signed up for 2008 Marathon des Sables and to boot she was 2nd at the Teton 50 mile last year in her FIRST ultra:)

Scott Morgan: Lives in San Diego and has been a friend for several years now. Scott has crewed for me before and just knows what to do when to do it. His best attribute for me is that he can just look at me and not say a word and I know what he is thinking.Lisa..shut up and move it!!
Scott will be in charge of the mountain and knows Mt. Whitney like the back of his hand. Scott is a very experienced climber and brings such a gift with him on this crew. I cant wait to spend time with you on a course we so love!! With Scott and Mike on the mountain I know I will be in good hands.

George Velosco: we call him our Georgie!!! What can I say..he won't be bringing a van this year full of stuff:) George is running Western States soon and has lost about 30 pounds since last years BW double. He was on my crew all the way last year but we still have reports that he was missing in action and have no idea where he went!:) George knows me very well and is such a gentle gift to have around. He knows when to push and when not to but has a real gift for helping people feel good about themselves! George, Marie and Andy all live in Bishop so they have been friends for many years.

Mike Evans: Mikey my kids call him. Mike is a new ultra runner yet has done very well in the 2 races he has run. Went a 9:40 at the Desert Springs 50 mile:) I see Mike all the time so there are not many things he does not know about the way I would like things to happen. Mike is training to be a personal training is just so wanting to be on the race course and learn from us all.
Mike is such a great listener and will be a wonderful help on this crew for everyone.

On the return trip we have some others that would like to join in and help which will make it even more fun!

That is my wonderful crew. I look forward to sharing the love with all of you.

This was sent by a friend and student beautiful and so true..

Yes, sometimes we get great lessons in life – sometimes in ways that we choose and other times by what happens out of our control. The important thing is that we’re open to this and that we do what we can to make the world around us a little better for everyone we love. …Life is always a work in progress, although sometimes its hard to remember that the journey is what its all about, that the “finish line” is really just a transition to another journey.



Bob Gentile said...

that the “finish line” is really just a transition to another journey.
Good WORDS to live by!!

Awesome BW Crew COACH!! You are in great hands, GAME is "ON" and then "ON" AGAIN - lol

olga said...

What an awesome bunch of great friends and knowledgable people! You are in good hands, indeed. Wish I could be there too...this BW starts to rub off on me:)