Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lot's of stuff!

It is so hard to think that is almost May!

April went fast and was such a full month.

I survived the desert springs 50 mile race. It was not easy but I kept one foot in front of the other. I got off the course with another runner who has attended our 2 day seminar. It seems that some hikers picked up the trail marking that was on the ground and we went the wrong way. We lost about an hour. It was all I could do to keep going or to back track but I thought about the new ultra runner off course with me, his first 50 miler and our talk about obstacles along the way. This was sure an obstacle along the way that was not expected but it was one that needed heart and focus to get past, and we did!
The day before the race (Friday) our good friend Don called to tell us that Cade there little 3 year old angel had passed away and that he had gotten his angel wings from God and was now doing other work. Don said, go hug your children. I prayed much of this run, I cried most of it.
This run was also the anniversary of the death of my cousin...I kept thinking about my cousin Joe, Cade and all those who have left us flying around with there angel wings doing great work for God to help all of us here. I kept thinking of Heathers father Rory, my father and all those who are having a hard time right now..Don..you and your family are in all our prayers,,along with the rest of you!
This time for me was needed emotionally. I was in pain, my legs/quads really hurt and this has not been the case for a very long time.
My daughter Annabella once again ran up the finish line with me and I just wanted to cry, give thanks for having the life I have and gratitude for being able to do what we do.

It was wonderful to see many students run so well. Michelle Jensen, Mike Evans,,are just a few.
Here are the results:

Marshall and Heather Ulrich were there at the race to..! Marshall ran the 25 mile and then they gave a wonderful presentation just after the awards.
Next week Marshall, Heather, myself and my husband Jay will all be in Death Valley putting on our training camp. We are really looking forward to the camp. We still have a few spots left if anyone wants to come and join us!
Next week I will not be able to get on-line. Stovepipe Wells where we hold the camp does not have Internet access!!!


This is our 2nd year of the race. There will be a 60 and 100 mile distance which competitors can bike or run. There is also a 2 person team event for the 100 mile where each participant completes 50 miles.
The Yukon Gold Ultra is a wilderness event traveling on single track trails and old mining roads. Approximately 1/3 of the distance is above treeline.
Competitors can stay for a week in the Yukon and run the Yukon River Trail Marathon the next weekend if they so desire.
Shelley Gellatly Race Director

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Anonymous said...

First time ultra runner here just responding to your comments about the Desert RATS race. We weren't exactly Lewis and Clark for getting lost! It was nice running with you and I enjoyed the seminar with you and Jay. Sounds like you two have a busy schedule. I'm still recovering and may do a marathon back east in June as I'll be there for work. See ya.