Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Great Recipe!

It's been a joy to coach Terry Madl.

He just put our past year of coaching into a recipe...it's so clever...click here to see it!




Michele Jensen said...

Terry - Congratulations! It was great to meet you at Rocky Racoon this year, and so inspiring to see what you did at MDS! I liked your recipe - it had a lot of the same ingredients I had, including ignoring the yoga and walk/run advice at first, and then realizing that I just need to listen to Lisa because she is always right - and can take you to new personal heights! Congrats again, hope to see you again soon.
-Michele Jensen

Bob Gentile said...

hey wait I am a newbie and ignoring the Yoga and well not exactly doing the run/walk advice as good as I should be doing....HMMM should I wait to feel the pain and then change and ADD this better OR JUST ADD it NOW...hmmmmm --- LOL ok OK OK I will add it....geesh

Julie B said...

I love the recipe!! I have to admit, I was hesitant of the 5 minutes stretching in your recipe for my success. But I'm doing it, each and ever day :)