Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World 100k Championships

Happy day to you all.

I just got back from the pool! My best swimming does not come at night but it seems to fit with our life right now. I make dinner and help gets the kids ready before I leave. The pool closes at 9pm here so most nights I go swim it is quiet and I have my own lane:)

Dinner time around our house is usually lot's of fun. I look to cook:) We always eat dinner as a family. This is how it was for me growing up as well as Jay. Meal time is such a great time to communicate about your day!

Below is information about the World 100k for both men and women 35 years and older. I am sure this will be a great event for some of you to think about!

Racing world 100K championships are a thrilling and proud opportunity in an ultrarunning career. If you want to participate in a ultra world championship, you can join the US Masters Team competing in the 2007 World Masters Athletics 100K in Holland on September 8th. At the WMA 100K championship men and women age 35+ compete in 5-year age groups. The 2007 championship is held in conjunction with the IAU 100K World Cup, the Dutch National Championship 100K, and the European Championship 100K providing masters team members the opportunity to race with contenders for titles in all of those events. WMA 100K championships are not scheduled every year so if you are interested, take advantage of this 2007 opportunity since the venue in Holland is well organized and an easier and more economical race to travel to than some distant world championships.

USA Track and Field designates the team and encourages masters participation through a US presence at the championship. USATF uniforms are available to WMA 100K team members. There are no qualifying standards for US team members other than masters status, US citizenship, and USATF membership. For information about team membership, a funding option, and the world championship, contact: Lorraine Gersitz, USATF MUT Running Council, Masters LDR Representative or go to

If you are running Badwater 135 or have any desire to learn a great deal about crewing the book below that my friends Theresa and Denise wrote is a must read!

Theresa Daus-Weber
Death Valley Ultras: The Complete Crewing Guide
By Theresa Daus-Weber and Denise Jones


Cathy said...

Theresa and Denise's book is a good read; a little insight into the race, even if you are not running or crewing Badwater. Their foot repair section is much more easily digested than Jon Vonhof's book, though they say their recommendations are specific to Badwater. I use a modified version of their pre-taping suggestions. Fortunately, (and knocking one wood) I have not had blister problems except for one fluke-y situation.

Cathy said...

Studies show that you may be swimming at the best time of the day. : )
Peak Performance May Come Late in Day.