Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marathon des Sables 2007 – The Story Begins…

Hello Everyone…

As promised, I’ll be checking in with the Blog here to give updates about this year’s Marathon des Sables. I am not at the race this year, but my husband Jay and 61 Dreamchaser clients have arrived and will be competing in the 22nd edition of the MDS Race.

It’s a magical race and I will try to offer you some insight as the race progresses.

There was a great article about the race in the Albuquerque Journal, written by Jennifer Hoffman. Jay and I met Jennifer in Santa Fe and shared dinner with this great writer. We are so pleased she will be a Dreamchaser participant in the 2008 MdS race. Click here to read Jennifer’s article and learn more about the MdS race.

Here is a list of the Dreamchasers we’ll be cheering for – along with their race numbers. When the official race begins, the race website ( will have a place where you can send an e-mail to an MdS competitor that will be delivered to them in the evenings. It’s tough for competitors to send e-mails (they must wait on very long lines and can only send one e-mail at a time), but anyone who has done the race will tell you that hearing from your loved ones after finishing a tough stage is PRICELESS!

I’ll be posting more MdS updates!

Have a great day everyone,


Competitor & Race #
ABDEL AHAD, Antoine (No.485)
ALLEN, Anita (No.486)
BACON, Shaun Mathew (No.487)
BALDOCK, Peter (No.489)
BARFIELD, Dominic Martin (No.490)
BATCHEN, Gerald (No.492)
BECK, Mary (No.493)
BENJAMIN, Elad (No.494)
BRIGGS, Laura (No.495)
CHAMBERS, Charles Andrew (No.496)
CHAVDA, Atul (No.497)
CLAPACS, Patrice (No.498)
COHEN, Andrew (No.499)
COLES, Lan (No.500)
COLGAN, Jeremy Spencer (No.501)
COVER, Jack (No.502)
CROSS, Andrew Mark (No.503)
DAMONTE, Piera (No.504)
DESHAIES, Eric (No.505)
DEVER, Thomas (No.506)
DUBE, Richard (No.507)
ELEK, Peter Anthony (No.508)
FARLEY, Lia (No.509)
FEARS, Timothy (No.510)
HEATH, Dianna Kay (No.512)
HEILMAN, James (No.513)
INMAN, Richard (No.514)
JACKSON, Malcolm (No.515)
JEWELL, Jack Lee (No.516)
KENDALL, Danny (No.517)
KRIMINS, Ethan (No.518)
KULYK, Jewel (No.519)
LARABIE, Jocelyn (No.520)
LEE, Moon JA (No.521)
LEE, Yoon Soo (No.522)
LIEBENBERG, Paul (No.523)
LUXFORD, Toby (No.525)
MADL, Terence (No.526)
MARCOUX, Ghislain (No.527)
MARTIN, Leslie Renee (No.528)
McCALL Jr, Grover Carlton (No.529)
McCALLUM, Sandy (No.530)
McKINLEY, Cliff (No.531)
McMURRAY, Lindsey (No.532)
MURRAY, Andrew (No.533)
NEWMAN, Elizabeth (No.534)
NEWMARCH, Giles (No.535)
PI, Jerry (No.536)
RICARD, Isabelle (No.537)
ROGATO, Leo (No.539)
RUBERTO, Tony (No.540)
SILCOCK, Alan Peter (No.543)
SMITH, Elizabeth (No.544)
SPISS SETZER, Ulrike (No.545)
SUTTON, Anna (No.546)
SUTTON, David (No.547)
TOMADA, Patrick (No.548)
TREPANIER, Lyzane (No.549)
WALKER, Nicholas (No.550)
WICKES, Nicholas (No.552)
WINTON, Paul (No.553)
WOOD, William (No.554)

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Lisa B said...

Thank you for the link to the race site. What an exciting race this must be. I would love to do it! My wishes for a fun and fabulous race go out to Jay! I look forward to reading your updates to see how he is doing.
-the other LSB