Sunday, January 28, 2007

Update and letter from Wanda!

Hi Lisa~

You have the nicest friends/clients! To think so many took the time to write me a nice card with such uplifting encouragement and send such nice gifts…well that is straight from God. I loved the family photos and pictures colored by Bella and other children ~ THANK YOU all so much. I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness from so many and I will never forget what they did to make me feel better. I am so grateful for the many prayers asking God to heal me. If I may say so myself, I am a true miracle! The fact that I had only broken bones, with no internal injuries which required no surgery is a true blessing! Often times my mind went to places that were frightening, what ifs, what could have been. When my mind went there I would immediately reject it turn it into prayer and thank God for sparing my life realizing how differently the outcome could have been.

I continue to do PT in the pool which is fantastic and exercises at home to increase the range of motion in my legs and left shoulder. I’ve gone from walker to cane and some days no assistance at all. Today after three weeks of PT my therapist was so thrilled at the improvement I made. She re-evaluated my strength & range of motion noting I did better than she thought I would. The next round of exercise out of the water is going to be tough and I’m ready. I want to get back to work, however don’t feel strong enough just yet. I’m doing some work from home which keeps me occupied during this cold winter weather. So Rielee and I hang out all day and it seems whenever I look at his cute Golden Retriever face I thank him for his part in saving my life. This event has opened my eyes to the value of life, the relationships in my life and how important they are to me and me to them. Mike has been by my side and here for me through this whole thing. I’m sure you already know what a wonderful man your brother is. I am blessed and grateful to have such a good man in my life.

Finally Lisa, I love you! I love your goodness; I love what you do for so many people all over the world. The effect you have on others is so positive ~ you bring out the best in us by allowing us to witness the goodness you do for others. Thanks for believing in me.

Love you to the moon and back ~ Wanda

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Bob Gentile said...

Get Better Wanda and KEEP the spirits up you are very blessed and loved!!