Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is Great!!!

From a coaching client:

Hi Lisa! Thought I'd share something I learned today during my workout... Tolerance...for discomfort. What many people describe as pain during exercise may be better defined as discomfort. Pain, to me, means you're hurting yourself to the detriment of your body. Like an injury. I have realized the phsycial discomfort gets to a certain level and then never worsens. If you can tolerate it for a minute, or so, may longer, it turns into nothing more than a nuisance. I think the mind eventually processes it and it no longer is the primary focus. This occurred tonight not only while swinging those 5 pound dumbells on the treadmill powerwalking 5.5mph (my poor deltoids!), but jumping rope for 3 continuous minutes without stopping. My calves were screaming, but after about 2.5 minutes into the jr, I forgot about it and refocused. Don't get me wrong, thirst, hunger, sickness, etc. during endurance events are cues that need immediate attention, but I'm just talking about the muscle discomfort. It's amazing what the body and mind can do. I just thought I'd share since you're one of the few that I know that can appreciate this. Good night! :)

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