Monday, November 13, 2006

shin splints exercise program

Good morning to you all!
I am having such a wonderful time with my father, it has been sunny and warm:)
The past few days I have been able to do a few shorts runs and feel ok about being able to participate in the 24 hour race this weekend in Dallas. My only goal is to just keep on moving for the 24 hour even if its just walking. The weather forecast is for sunny and in the 70s:):)
In my next update I will give you many race results from several runners in the past few weeks. I can tell you this Sandy was the 2nd women in the Sahara race!
My blog is going to start to give you many different ideas about many things:)
Have a wonderful day!!
If you feel pain on the front of your lower legs, even just to touch the bone you may have shin splints. Here are some things to do!
1.Point toes downward as far as possible then point toes upward as far as possible. Do while keeping the foot as flat as possible on the floor, toes projecting over the edge.
2.Spread toes as wide as possible using your hands to assist if necessary.
3. While sitting, weight on the outside of the feet, soles facing; make a "fist" with your toes.
4. While sitting, right foot resting on the heel; make a slow inward or clockwise circle; inward or counter clockwise circle for the left foot.
5. While sitting, place your feet on a towel in the front of you. Curl your toes and slowly draw the towel toward you. Use a weight on the towel for resistance.
6. Pick up marbles, pencils, etc. from the floor with your toes.
7. Standing, raise as high as possible on your toes and back down--3 directions.
8. Turn ankle in against resistance (manual, bike tube, etc).
To massage and relieve a tired and sometimes painful arc, roll your arch back and forth over a soda bottle, baseball bat, or golf ball.

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