Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Neera Cleanse Kick-Off!

I am so happy that so many of you have decided to join me in doing the Neera Cleanse during this holiday season. I can assure you that you will benefit from the cleanse and I am so very grateful that our beloved children in Africa will be helped by your commitment, too. A donation will be made to the Religious Teachers Filippini for each cleanse kit that is bought.

So, for those of you who have been thinking about doing it, but haven't committed just yet why not send me an e-mail to share your concerns and questions. And for those of you who have been meaning to place your order, but misplaced the ordering information, click here for the complete details.

So, the ideal would be for us to approach this as a group, offering each other support. I am happy to facilitate this and hope we can use the blog as a forum of sorts. I will post a Blog each morning during the cleanse and then I encourage you to post your comments. You have the option to post comments alongside your name, or you can post anonymously. Together we can do this!

Some of you are thinking about doing this the day after Thanksgiving - that's GREAT!!! - and others are targeting Monday, December 4th as the first day of my cleanse. But I am here to support you whenever you start!!! Stay tuned!

Happy Feet (and heart!).


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