Thursday, October 26, 2006

Team Jake

You all might have to sit down for this one. My cousin Jen who lives in Monroe Louisiana is running her first marathon on Dec. 3rd. The St. Jude marathon in Memphis Tenn.
I plan to be there. I have to tell you that I could not be more touched, more proud of my cousin for the purpose she is running for in her
Jen has had some injuries to deal with during her training but she is back in action and ready to run for Jake and so is the rest of the team they have together to run for team Jake.
I asked Jen today who she was running for and she sent me the link, below is the site.
I have sat here for over an hour in tears reading and looking at the photos of this little guy, his life, his may do the same.
 The child that has been at St Jude, Jake Raborn( (Team Jake)... sure gave me lots to think about today and I just know you are flying high with those angle wings!
Have a blessed day

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