Monday, October 16, 2006

Running in Memory of Wendy!

Good morning everyone,
It was a sunny beautiful weekend here in the Tetons, but today we have rain. Morning rain sounds so wonderful when the house is quiet and it is still dark outside.
I guess we could all be in Buffalo NY!  Jays parents live in Buffalo and we just spend 9 days there. Last week they got over 2 feet of snow! They predicted 1-2 in. and they ended up with 2 feet! Jays brother is still without power to there home. What a way to welcome winter..
Below is a link I really want you to check out and read. Tim Kjenstad is running with and for a purpose. His sister Wendy crewed for him at Badwater this year, went home not feeling so well and then to the Doctor. She passed away within a few weeks. Tim is running to help raise money and awareness and in the memory of his sister.  I am so very proud of Tim for his mission and desire, I hope you will to!
Have a great day
Happy Feet!

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