Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Good morning,
Fall is here and Winter is on its way!!!  I sit her and sip my coffee and think about all the wonderful people in my life. Last week seemed so crazy when we got home that it has just made me sit back and think more about the people in my own life.
Reading the local newspaper I found that one of my friends/clients had passed away while we were on vacation. I did not even know she was sick! She went to the Doctor with back pain 4 weeks ago thinking she just needed to be adjusted by a chiropractor. 2 weeks of testing they found a tumor on her spin and then 4 others in her body, she died last week.
Sat. I went the memorial they had at her home and I just cried all the way home hold my kids. Carol will be missed by so many of us but I do believe she is off on her new journey!!
I have read so many emails about friends getting divorced, friendships much hate and pain in the world we live in..why????
Why are so many people not happy? I don't think I have the answers but perhaps if we can all just take the time to love those around us and love ourselves this would be a good start.
There is a new book out called 'One More Day', written by: Mitch Albom, he also wrote the book Tuesday with Morrie.
This is book is about spending one more day with someone you loved that passed away. I have yet to read this book and I am not sure if I will.
I think there needs to be a book about spending the time and the day with those you love that are alive!!!! Reaching out to someone you have hurt or someone who has hurt you. Reaching out because it is the right thing to do. We are all less than perfect and we all make mistakes..the one thing we all have in common is that we LOVE and we love deeply...why is it so hard for so many to reach out, be the better person, take the high road and seek goodness...LOVE yourself first and than it comes much easier.
I challenge you all to reach out to someone you love that you have not told this to in a very long time, take them to lunch..take the time..make the time..spend the day with them..
Below is very powerful!!
Have a great day
In memory of all those who
perished this morning; the passengers and the pilots on the United Air and
AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and all
the innocent bystanders
If I knew it would be the last time
That I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep.
If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more
If I knew it would be the last time 
I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would video tape each action and word,
so I could play them back day after day.
If I knew it would be the last time,! 
I could spare an extra minute 
to stop and say "I love you,"
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.
If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, 
so I can let just this one slip away.
For surely there's always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance
to mak e ever ything j ust right. 
There will l always be another day
to say "I love you,"
And certainly there's another chance
to say our "Anything I can do?"
But just in case I might be wrong, 
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance 
you get to hold your loved one tight.
So if you're waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day,
That you didn! 't take that extra time 
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out t o be their one last wish.
So hold your loved ones close today,
and whisper in their ear, 
Tell them how much you love them
and that you'll always hold them dear
Take time to say "I'm sorry,"
"Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay."And if tomorrow nev er
you'll have no regrets about today. 

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