Wednesday, September 13, 2006

running with a purpose!

Good morning to all of you!
I so love the early hours of the morning when all is quiet and the sun is starting to come up. The weather in the Tetons has been so wonderful. The leaves on the trees are changing colors it has been sunny and warm. The nights are cool and great for sleeping:)
Tue. I ran with Pam Reed, she just ran Wasatch one week after the Teton 100. Amazing how she can bounce back and recover so fast...I don't recommend running so many miles or so many 100s in a row, I think its to hard on your body and you do need rest. But I am starting to think she is not human!!!:) We talked about some big running plans to raise money, can't wait to share the details with you all once we work it out.
I want to challenge you all today to think about a cause close to home, close to your heart and consider running or walking a race to raise money. I will help you, all you have to do is ask. Running with a purpose!
Below is a story of a women who lives here in town and ran our marathon. Its a beautiful story and she is running with a purpose.
Go Dusty!
Have a great day

Dusty Hardman ran the GTR Marathon with a purpose! 
She has raised over $700 for the National Adrenal Disease Foundation. Dusty herself suffers from Addison's disease. 
Dusty has a great website that has a photo gallery from the race and an explanation of her fundraising efforts - definitely have a look: 

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