Monday, September 11, 2006

More than a trail Marathon

 Good morning to you all!
Today is a very hard day for many, Sept. 11th is a day that we all need to put our heads down pray for all those who lost there life and those who were left behind. Today is a day to be thankful that we have today and make sure we live it to its fullest. Get out, get up and do something!!!
Below is a trail marathon for you all to consider.
Have a blessed day

Danielesque – More than a Trail Marathon

On Saturday, October 7, 2006 runners will have a unique opportunity to participate in the Danielesque Trail Marathon at White Ranch Open Space Park near Golden, CO (just south of Boulder) that is more than a marathon, in many ways. For starters, the “marathon” is actually 27.6 miles, not the standard 26.2 miles. Why, you may ask? Because the race is a tribute to Daniel Rosenfeld, a Colorado ultra runner who died in November 2000 who was “never one to count the miles,” according to Daniel’s wife and race director Penny Rosenfeld.
Penny explains that “Danielesque” is a term coined by one of their friends in an attempt to describe Daniel’s spirit of adventure as well as his strength of spirit. Doing things like charging up some monstrous hill in the midst of a blizzard, putting your head down and pedaling harder against a raging headwind, mastering a new sport, or running 14ers for training are very Danielesque. So is running more than a trail marathon!
My friends Marshall and Heather Ulrich support Penny in organizing Danielesque, and I wanted to pass along information about this wonderful event to all of you. If you’re in the Boulder area, or would like to make a visit, sign up for Danielesque today by going to
For runners who aren’t up for the marathon there is a (more than) half marathon distance of 13.8 miles on the same trails. Everyone needs an opportunity to be Danielesque!
The fact that this race is a wonderful tribute to an amazing man is another reason this event is more than a trail marathon. Putting on any race is a labor of love for race directors (as Jay and I certainly know!), and this event is a special labor of love for Penny. “Directing the seventh annual Danielesque Trail Marathon keeps Daniel’s spirit present in the ultra running community,” Penny explains. “Daniel was always compassionate and supportive to other runners. Directing this race allows me to continue that kind of support by providing a fun, low key event for other runners.” 
Penny and Heather have worked hard at getting LOTS race sponsorships, and the “swag bags” are sure to rival those of the Teton Ultras. And… stick around for the GREAT raffle prizes at the end of the race too!
“You, too, can show your Danielesque spirit by competing in the Danielesque Trail Marathon on Saturday, October 7, 2006. Limited to 75 runners in order to comply with Open Space requirements, go to and sign up today! To keep entry fees low – race registration is only $35 – runners should register before September 29, 2006.
If you have any questions, contact Penny Rosenfeld at or 303-271-1935.
Sign up today for this great race – and do more than just another trail marathon!

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