Tuesday, September 26, 2006

above the clouds

Good morning!
It was an action packed weekend full of rain:)!
Vermont was wonderful but it rained most of the time. Jay, Joe, Anthony and Meredith did very well in the race considering the conditions were slippery trails! Richard sprained his ankle! So sorry Richard, I hope you have ice on it right now!
I took my girls apple picking. Annabella so loved this, running all over the orchard in the rain picking apples off the trees. Guess it is time to teach her how to bake an apple pie. I bet most of you don't know this but I love to cook and to bake:)
Below is a site you must check out. It is about many things but for one an amazing story/film about what another person is doing to help others!
Have a great day

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Jimmy Dean Freeman said...

We're honored to be discussed on your blog, Lisa.

Thank you so much!

My blog about the race (and training this summer and the film) can be found here...


God bless YOU in your efforts... but then again, I see you are already living that blessing... :)

With Great Respect,

Jimmy D. Freeman