Thursday, August 03, 2006


 Dear friends and family,
Below is an email sent to me before the race, I did not get it until I got back. It is so beautiful in so many ways. At the end of this email is another one that really sums up how I am feeling right now.
I can't focus, I can think straight. I cry much of the time for so many reasons. For joy for love and for the pain that I feel in the bones of my feet. Yes the do hurt, I have NO blisters thanks to Denise Jones but I do have bones that hurt to the core...This to shall pass.
I cant talk about my journey right now, I need a few more days to process it all. The emotions run so high, it is hard to get back to "real life"...I do know that life is much more simple than we all make it at times. God is out there and he is so good, so forgiving, so honest. I cry for so many reasons but mostly because of the love I feel for so many things in my life and in your life. I cry for all the giving that we are each capable of but yet we are scared to reach out. Do it, reach out to all those you love, tell them you love them tell them how much your heart yearns for there love in return. Why is love so hard for so many when its so, so simple and easy...Don't let another minute go by that you don't pick up the phone and call that person in your life that needs to know you love them or that you need to know they love you. It IS NOT difficult to do and it heals so much of our heart. Life is about love and giving..loving so much that you cant take the pain, but you can,,,giving so much that it hurts but you continue to give...GIVE< GIVE< Give until it hurts and when it hurts you keep on giving.
Hang with me and let my story become as it should be. I thank you all so much for your love support and for the giving...for the giving.
I run for you and me my friend, I ran for life!
Love you all

Hi Lisa: I don't know if you'll get this before your epic journey or afterwards. I hope it will either give you a little motivation or serve as a help in reflecting back on what you went through, no matter whether it was to finish or not.
You are an extraordinary person. And if you obviously take that word are, and do the EXTRA...not the ordinary. You strive to do more, push harder, and go long after every cell in your body says ENOUGH. But that's not even enough for you, and so you defy logic and explanation, and continue on. I for one, believe that it's AFTER we die that's really why we're here on this earth in the first place. And I plan to do as much as I can, and to see and experience as much as I can while I'm here. I always wanted to be in the water when the cannon went off in Kona, see the sun set over the Sahara, and watch the sun rise at 18,000 feet on top of Africa....and so I did. I add to my life list much quicker than I check them off. But it's not to get everyone done, but just to want to do them in the first place. You feel the same compulsion to live life doing the EXTRAordinary, not just go through it, satisfied with the norms.
I'm amazed that you are attempting this feat. You will certainly experience highs and lows like you've never felt before, and unfortunately, probably mostly LOWS....but it's always the hurt that makes it so worth it. But of course you of all people know this....but even great ones like yourself aren't above being reminded of it, and something tells me during this run, you WILL need reminded. You are doing this for a great cause, one that I'm happy to contribute to. But undoubtedly you are doing this for not just a worthy cause, but for something deep inside you that pushes you onward.
Whether you complete this not the important thing. The fact that you desire to START such a journey in the first place, is what matters and THAT is what makes you EXTRAordinary.
God bless you...
....may you stay strong and go long!!!!
2nd email:
The best things in life cannot be told. That is to say, you can't talk about that which lies beyond the reach of words."--Heinrich Zimmer.

I retract my previous statement about wanting to hear all about this journey---I hope it is beyond the reach of words.

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