Thursday, July 27, 2006

Was Crew Member Finlay Woodruff's Birthday Just Yesterday?

Its hard to believe that Finlay just celebrated his birthday feels like so much time has passed already! Just wanted to share an audio clip from Finlay, before he set out for Mt Whitney yesterday.


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Tracy said...'re famous!!! Great you can officially be Googled on the web! The family is amazed that you don't LOOK 44 in your Badwater photo....must be the mountain air! Give Lisa our very best -- we are so thrilled about her reaching the summit. It is absolutely unbelievable how she continues to dig down deep and find the strength and stamina to push forward. She is truly amazing!!! We will continue to follow her every complete and utter amazement!

Bring it home, team!!!! Keep moving...keep believing....

With Love,
Finlay and Todd's families