Sunday, July 30, 2006

She Can Smell the Finish Line...Only a Marathon Left!

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Anonymous said...

Go Lisa!
John (my husband) and I came to the Portal just to see your (first) finish. I so wanted to go out and find you on the return course to cheer you on, but was too sick to even think about it.
Congrats, you're almost there. Go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I meant to sign that!

Marcia Rasmussen

Aran said...

Hi Lisa,

You must be on top of the world! Constantly thinking about you and wishing the best!!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

How can I sit in 5 hours of class this morning knowing you're so close to the finish line? I won't hear a thing he says because I'm thinking of you!!!!

KAMattie said...

YOU are extraordinary :) Almost there---big hugs to you and the crew!!!!!

xoxoxox Kira

shellywoman said...

You're a hero Lisawoma or is it llamalisa?

All hail llamalisa.

You go girl!

Matt said...

Incredible Lisa! You are truly an inspiration! Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment

Hans Florine said...

A MARATHON distance remaining! Only you and your crew could count that as "close to the finish". What an incredible place you come from to have that perspective! And something of great worth: you've changed all of our perspectives. Love following your challenge. I'm inspired to do more.

Anonymous said...


Words can't express the light that you shine on the world...we're amazed, inspired, and awestruck. Congrats on such a great accomplishment. I'm going to play the Hoodoo Gurus right now at full blast in your honor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
We have been faithfully watching and reading about your progress. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you complete this amazing feat! Love from the Tetons-
Sammie, Smitty, & the Crew at 121

Aran said...

Go Lisa!!! You are almost there!!!


olga said...

OMG, I get away for a few days and Lisa is cranking this sucker Double-BW!! Lisa, you are great, I know you've picked it up on that marathon like hell and cruised to the end! because that is YOU:)

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to this blog, checking and doublechecking to read or hear the new reports of your progress. Lisa, I've been thinking of you the entire time and are so proud of you for keep on keeping on! Sammy and Brian saw Annabella at Music on Thursday and she's waiting for her mama. Sam knows everything you've been doing. It's incredible for the kids to be able to see you do this incredible feat and for you to do it for something, and someones, more than you.
Can't wait to see you back in the Tetons!!
Lot's of love to you and the crew- everyone deserves HUGE hugs!!!!
Sharon Schmidt

Anonymous said...

I thought I met a lot of wonderful special people in my short 55 years, and I have, but you take the cake. I just can't wrap my brain around this just yet. You are one amazing woman and I will clap for you everytime I think of you. Congratulations Lisa!! YOU DID IT!!!!!
NY Bill

Nattu Natraj said...

Go Lisa, Go. Wow. You are almost there. Congratulations.


Raymond Britt said...

I just spoke with Colleen, who called from the Las Vegas airport.

Lisa completed the Badwater Double + Mt Whitney Summit -- at least 300 miles -- this morning (Monday).

Word is she's feeling good, and was amazing on the course.

Anonymous said...

what a week what a week. Way to work, way to focus... Way to Fight with the tools God has given you, and fight some more, so maybe some kiddos on the other side of the world can catch a break and feel some love. Thank you for making the world a little better place for us all. Celebrate and Enjoy.