Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hi guys and gals!
This email about says it all. I am a Warrior in training, most of us are?
I want to be a Peaceful Warrior and and live in everything I do with peace.
Love to you all
 "On Empowerment: 
I teach an approach to living with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. So it seems natural and appropriate to offer up a few words about the idea of empowerment.  
Some of us feel powerful at times because others give us permission or because we are bigger, stronger, or have expertise or authority in a given place or circumstance. So we are empowered in that moment, that situation. 
But the most courageous among us do not wait for others to grant us power; rather, we take it, and fake it 'til we make it. We are willing to play the role of an empowered individual, one with a purpose, a direction, a centered, calm clarity. 
Those who bluster and raise their voice or bully do so from a felt lack of power or control. But the ultimate control is self-control, personal power, the will to remain calm—to breathe and relax the body—in the center of the cyclone; to behave with kindness and compassion even as storms rage within the mind and heart. 
We are all peaceful warriors in training. And each of us is empowered the moment we claim it, act it, live it. So whatever thought-storms or emotional weather fronts may pass through our body, awareness, or lives—let's practice the way by standing up inside of ourselves and bringing our power into the world for the common good." 
With warm wishes to you all, 
Dan Millman= 
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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