Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Marshall Ulrich Has ARRIVED!!!

As of Tuesday Afternoon, July 25th around 3:30pm Pacific

Hello Everyone,

I just received word that Marshall Ulrich arrived to the race course to join Lisa's crew. This is fantastic news.

Marshall and Lisa share a very special connection. Marshall introduced Lisa to Badwater after they competed in the EcoChallenge together years ago and told her he thought she could really make a go of this race over in Death Valley. And so Lisa toed the line of her first Badwater.

Lisa and Marshall share an extraordinary friendship and they share a common desire to help kids around the world through fundraising for the Religious Teachers Filippini.

They take on endurance athletic events most could never dream of and help each other realize their dreams. Lisa crewed Marshall when he did the Badwater Quad (that's double the challenge of the Badwater Double!) and it was one of her most sincere dreams that he would be on her crew for her return trip on the Badwater Double (Marshall planned on competing in the official Badwater race).

But Marshall could not compete this year because he wanted to support his wife through surgery. Marshall's wife Heather is an incredible person, who's commitment to the Religious Teachers Filippini knows no bounds. Read her letter on Lisa's website.

The great, GREAT news is that Heather is doing very well. Of course, she cannot come to crew Lisa as she had originally intended (and all the crew looked forward to), but her progress is such that she called Lisa to say that, "Marshall took care of his girl at home and now he needs to take care of his girl on the course". And so he has arrived!

According to crew member Finlay Woodruff, Marshall's arrival was ideal timing. Lisa has continued to struggle with settling her stomach, but it is a friend like Marshall who could arrive and convince Lisa to take an hour's nap. Finlay said it would not be dramatic to describe Marshall's arrival as a scene out fo a movie...Lisa was so delighted to see Marshall.

Marshall's experience and knowledge of the Badwater course is deep and strong. And his arrival certainly means a big help to the crew - especially as Lisa arrives to Keeler, a part of the course I have heard jokingly refer to as 'Killer'.

I will try to get Lisa's exact coordinates soon - stay tuned and prayer for her safe arrival to the Badwater Finish Line, the first of three epic milestones in her Badwater Double Challenge.

--Colleen Woods

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