Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lisa's Crew - THE BEST!!!

Prior to beginning the Badwater Double Challenge, Lisa often told me that she could not even contemplate this challenge had she not been able to assemble such a great crew. After seeing them in action for a number of days now, I couldn't agree more!

On that note, I'd like to recognize each crew member as we near the halfway mark in this challenge by posting their photos taken over the last few days. ENJOY!

Photos are in this order:
Mike Artino
Marie & Andy Boyd (couldn't join us for the return, but gave us lots of food and goodies for the crew - thank you for the nourishment and love!
Pam Burwell
Jacqueline Florine
Julie Gross
Todd Milbert
Richard Murdock
Bob Sitler
Heather & Marshall Ulrich (Heather couldn't join us in person, but she is here with us in so many ways! And Heather - Lisa loved your card! Marshall gave it to her when she was minutes away from reaching the end of her first 135 miles)
George Velasco
Finlay Woodruff

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KAMattie said...

In case Colleen is reading posts and relaying them to you, lisa.....KEEP GOING LADY!!!!!!! I'm following your journey, thinking of you throughout each day and can't wait to hear about everything!!! You rock! xoxoxox Kira