Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lisa and Crew Off (Again) to Summit Mt Whitney

It takes a lot of courage to consider Badwater. It takes sheer determination to take on the challenge of the Badwater Double. But it takes a golden heart to attempt a mountain summit twice in the name of supporitng children in desperate need of help. Lisa is doing just that as I type this post.

After the unsuccessful attempt to summit Mt Whitney which ended early this morning (an attempt that Marshall calculates covered about 15 miles round trip), Lisa returned to Lone Pine and got some sleep. She then determined that attempting the summit would best be done in daylight and she grew determined that today was the day to bag this peak!

She began this second attempt at 12:30pm today. She is supported on this attempt by Marshall again, and two new crew members - Jackie Florine and George Velasco. Photos below - I will keep you posted on their progress.


Anonymous said...

"I will exchange a city for a sunset,
The tramp of legions for a wind's wild cry,
And all the braggard thrusts of steel triumphant,
For one far summit blue against the sky."
- Marie Blake

Best wishes, Lisa, on your summit attempt! You're in our thoughts and prayers. -L.King

Hans Florine said...

I'm definitely light weight. You are one hard woman, Lisa.

Next you'll tell me you're going to descend via the east face route on Whitney.

Way to raise the bar.