Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Marshall Ulrich on summit of Kilimanjaro!

Greetings all!

I just spoke with Marshall Ulrich from Tanzania, Africa and he reported the successful summit of Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa at 19,340 feet, on July 19, 2006 for members of his group Stray Dogs Adventure Travel with a Purpose. All members of the group have descended off the mountain and are safely (and happily) back in the hotel in Moshi.

Those who reached the summit include:

* MARSHALL ULRICH, 54, Idaho Springs, CO (St. Mary's area) - leader of the Stray Dogs Adventure Travel group

* RODGER KAUFHOLD, 67, Idaho Springs, CO - part time resident at Saint Mary's

* JO ANN BEINE, 50, Denver, CO - an accomplished ultrarunner

* MICK DONOFF, age unknown, of California - part time CO resident and longtime supporter of the Leadville Trail 100

Other members of the group, Jane Jontz and Sharon Donoff, climbed to the high camp (Barafu) but chose not to make the summit attempt. Jane was having some stomach troubles while Sharon had reached her goal of climbing to the high camp. They waited at camp Barafu for the rest of the team to summit, then descended with Marshall, Roger, Jo Ann, and Mick after their successful summits.

The mission of Stray Dogs Adventure Travel is to provide financial support to the Religious Teachers Filippini, a group of Sisters that promote the dignity of women and children by providing an education. We provide this support by donating the profits from adventure travel packages organized for active, generous, and charitable people like you! For more information go to www.marshallulrich.com/adventure.html.

Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Joe said...

You can find Jo Ann's Kilimanjaro journal at: Amazing View: Climbing Kilimanjaro