Friday, June 23, 2006

3 great quotes

Below are 3 really good quotes sent to me from the same person! The list of quotes I have been getting is great, keep them coming!

Western States starts on Sat. morning and Ironman Idaho starts on Sunday morning. It's an action packed weekend.

My weekend is shaping up to be action packed as well. 33 days until we stand at the starting line of Badwater!
3 more hard weeks of training and then its time to rest. My main training has been power walking and my walking is getting faster each day. The time that I have putting in on my feet is much more time than I have ever done in the past for any race. This is the first time my focus has been on walking. I feel if I can run some and power walk (PW) at 4-5pmh up the long climbs I will be in great shape. Even 4 miles per hour for 135 miles is great, do the math of what your finish time would be:)

Looks like we have several local people that are going to join us to train this weekend along with Nattu who is running BW for the first time and Pam Reed. Sat. we are going to go up and down the Teton pass from the Wilson side as many times as we can in 8 hours. Start time is 9am.

Sat. we are going to go up and down Ski Hill road from the bottom and up to Targhee as many times as we can in 7 hours. Start time is 9am.

The goal for the weekend is PW up and run/walk down trying to keep the pace between 4.5 and 5 mph.

It is looking to be sunny and warmer, summer is here..Thank you God!

Have a great day


"Without difficulties life would be like a stream without rocks or curves"
--Tao of Pooh

"To try is to live; not to try is to die. That is the real essence of life; the doing of something, irrespective of success or failure."
-- Mark Long

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"

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